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Monday, November 20, 2017

Fully In-ground: 6 Endless Pools with a Serious Wow Factor

The Original Endless Pool® lets you enjoy incredible freedom with your installation options. For the most sensational results, many owners of our signature modular pool opt for a fully in-ground installation. With these six striking photos, it's easy to see why!

Of course, the most cost-efficient and hassle-free installation remains the aboveground pool. The many benefits of a fully in-ground pool, however – the clean lines, the spacious feeling, the open view – can make it well worth the one-time investment.

These six Endless Pools demonstrate just a few of the inspiring possibilities for an in-ground installation.

A fully in-ground Original Endless Pools swimming machine in a Rochester, NY, home addition
In this home addition, you can swim all year round … in Rochester, New York. By installing this Original Endless Pool fully in-ground, the owners make the most of the glass walls, with an unobstructed view and natural light from all sides. Plus, the glass ceiling doubles as a mirror for this backstroke swimmer!

An aboveground Original Endless Pools swimming machine with an inground appearance, on Seattle's Lake Washington
For an in-ground look with no excavation, the homeowners installed this Original Endless Pool aboveground and built the deck up on three sides. With a beautiful view of Lake Washington – where the water rarely gets above 65° F! – they can swim in place comfortably and with peace of mind in the pool's warm, shallow water.

A Performance Endless Pools swimming machine in a conservatory addition
With this lush arbor view, who wants to look at the side of a pool? The fully in-ground installation on this Performance Endless Pool retains this conservatory's spacious feel. The Performance model delivers a wider, deeper, smoother swim current, with a faster top speed, than our Original.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Week in Swimming

Breaking the ice at Turkey's Kaçkar Swimming Festival
At Turkey's Kaçkar Swimming Festival, power saws had to cut through 8 inches of ice before the swim could start! (Daily Sabah)

Check out results and photos from the Barbados Open Water Festival. (Daily News of Open Water Swimming)

The USA Swimming Foundation marked its 10th anniversary by announcing that they've given swim lessons to more than 5 million children.

The team at 220 Triathlon pool-tested their recommendations for their 10 best pool goggles.

Get inspired the 66-year-old swimmer who just swam around Key West for the 96th time (Swimming World) and by the grandparents who took home three swimming medals after motorcycling 6,000 km to an open water competition! (Hindustan Times)

A moving first-person testimonial asks if swimming is the right sport for people with epilepsy. (Swim Swam)

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Friday, November 10, 2017

The Week in Swimming

Open water swimmer Lewis Pugh emerging from his Antarctic Ocean swim
Discover how open water swimmer Lewis Pugh prepared for this week's Antarctic Ocean swim clad only in a Speedo. (Telegraph)

What inspires this 76-year-old Masters swimmer to get in the pool every day? (OCR, with video)

How has Texas Longhorns Swimming Coach Eddie Reese stayed competitive for 40 years on the job? (Swim Swam, with video)

Record-setting open water swimmer Diana Nyad opens up about the continuing impact of her decades-old sexual assault in this frank first-person account. (NY Times)

Get inspired by this all-new profile of refugee-turned-Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini. (Elle UK)

What to get for the swimmers in your life? Check out Swimming World's holiday gift guide.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Customize Your Endless Pool (or Buy this one in Michigan!)

Why does this Endless Pools® swimming machine have three different depths? According to Mark H, "It was my wife's desire for water aerobics in two depths and to be able to tread water." Thanks to the Endless Pool's modular design, his wife got the pool of her dreams!

An Endless Pools swimming machine customized to 8'x20' with 3 different depths.
This is not your standard Original Endless Pool! At 8 feet by 20 feet, it's been customized to be slightly wider and much longer. To accommodate a range of aquatic exercises, the pool features 3 different depths, from 42" to 69". Whether you dip in for fun, fitness, or relaxation, the skylight and sliding doors provide abundant natural sunlight.

This "double-deep" Endless Pool gives them tremendous versatility:
  • 42" deep, our standard, near the housing of our signature adjustable swim current (far end). Approximately waist-deep for the average adult, this area is deep enough to accommodate your swim stroke and works for lower-body aqua-aerobic exercises.
  • 51" deep nearer the middle, this chest-deep section adds core resistance for water aerobics.
  • 69" deep at the back allows you to tread water for a range of fully buoyant exercises.
To accommodate the range of uses at each depth, this modular Endless Pool has been customized to 8 feet by 20 feet – that's a big step up from our standard water dimensions of 7 by 14!

Endless Pools' on-staff architects and engineers helped customize this fully in-ground installation. Our team routinely works with our customers' own architects to install Endless Pools in existing rooms and in new construction, from simple backyard decks to Mark's sky-lit sunroom addition.

You can plan your customized Endless Pool using our free online Configuration Tool. Or you can buy this Endless Pool – and the Laingsburg, Michigan, house it's in! – by contacting the Flanders & Gerich Team of Realtors; our thanks to them for these stunning photos (below).

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Week in Swimming

Australian gold-medal swimmer Emma McKeon
A week after his passing, Total Immersion swimming founder Terry Laughlin received in-depth tributes in the New York Times and Outside magazine.

Who will be the male and female FINA Swimmers of the Year? Their formula indicates one clear – and one not-so-clear – winner. (Swim Swam)

Has Katie Ledecky brought feminism to swimming? (Swimming World)

Discover why Australian swimmer Cate Campbell is falling in love with swimming all over again. (Reuters)

Read the fine print: The waterproof feature of the new Kindle Oasis comes with some caveats. (AP)

After a five-year renovation, Atlanta's historic Martin Luther King Jr. Natatorium has reopened. (WABE)

Tokyo marked 1,000 days to their 2020 Summer Olympics.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Week in Swimming

USC Trojan swimmer Robert Glinta after winning the 100y backstroke over Matt Grevers and Ryan Murphy
After Katie Ledecky successfully led the charge at last weekend's USA College Challenge (Team USA), Michael Phelps made a bold prediction for her prospects at Tokyo 2020 (Business Insider).

How did Olympic swimmer Lia Neal feel making her professional debut against her former Stanford teammates? (Swimming World, with video)

The upstart pro swimmers union called GAPS just grew its membership by seven Olympic swimmers. (Swim Swam)

Never Give Up: A New Jersey man celebrated his 70th birthday by returning to a local swimming pool for the first time since he nearly drowned there two years ago! (My Central Jersey, with video)

Get inspired by these two efforts to combat the low rate of swimming skills in communities of color – one in the DC Public Schools (WAMU) and one spearheaded by Baltimore's Sigma Gamma Rho sorority (The Sun).

In open water swimming, a swimmer with type 1 diabetes has her sights set on the Open Water Swimming Triple Crown (College Swimming) while a British man will swim 45km around Hong Kong to raise money to provide free swimming lessons (SCMP).

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