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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Biggest Loser’s Loss is a San Pedro Couple’s Gain; Racoons Snarl in Protest

TV shows don’t survive for 16 seasons without keeping it fresh. After shaking things up in Season 9 by installing a Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool® on the ranch, NBC’s hit reality show, The Biggest Loser, will challenge Season 17 contestants with another shake-up: the producers will have removed their reliable workout pool!

Originally installed in 2010, the 15’x14’ pool has helped dozens of contestants lose literally thousands of pounds. At the time, the show’s Sponsor Producer, David Norton, called the collaboration “a natural fit. Our trainers love using the Endless Pool as a complement to their training regimen."

Sam Poueu, a contestant on The Biggest Loser, Season 9, runs on the underwater treadmill of the ranch's Dual-Propulstion Endless Pool.
Sam Poueu was already showing excellent results during this run on the underwater treadmill of The Biggest Loser's Dual-Propulstion Endless Pool in Calabasas, CA. Thanks to workouts like this, the 24-year-old from Rohnert Park, CA, lost 136 pounds before being eliminated in week 16. After eight seasons, the show's producers decided last month to shake things up for next season, the 17th, by selling this pool. Fully modular, the Endless Pool can be easily dissembled and reassembled for its new owners, a couple in nearby San Pedro.

In addition to swimming, the pool permitted aquatic running, jogging, and walking thanks to its two hydraulic underwater treadmills. Aquatic exercise burns just as many calories as land-based exercise; the added benefit comes from the buoyancy of water, which takes the stress off of sensitive joints and tendons. The pool’s risk reduction is particularly great for people with obesity, as their excess pounds increase the impact of weight-bearing workouts on dry land.

A San Pedro couple purchased the pool at a bargain price that included stunning redwood decking. (Fortunately for them, the fully modular Endless Pool can easily be dissembled and reassembled.) The husband is a former marathon runner who now suffers from sciatic nerve damage. The pain of this condition can be alleviated with aquatic exercises, including swimming and underwater running. Understandably, they’re awaiting installation eagerly.

The Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool, with redwood decking, on the Calabasas, California, ranch of NBC's hit reality show, The Biggest Loser.
The producers of NBC's hit reality show, The Biggest Loser, outfitted their Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool with beautiful redwood decking. In addition to two of the industry-best Endless Pools swim currents, this pool also included two hydraulic underwater treadmills for low-impact running, jogging, and walking. Visible on the far edges are six grab bars suitable for aquatic aerobic and Pilates exercises. The pool is in the process of being moved from this Calabasas, CA, ranch to a residence in nearby San Pedro.

The transition, however, was not without incident. A family of raccoons had set up residence under the deck and was none too happy about being displaced. Sure, they’re adorable with their little bandit masks and striped, bushy tails, but they can be vicious when crossed! Fortunately, no one was harmed (the wires they’d chewed were easily replaced). We trust the resourceful creatures have since settled into a new home in the nearby Santa Monica Mountains.

The 16th season, The Biggest Loser: Glory Days, airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern (7:00 Central) on NBC. The current contestants, all former athletes, can still be seen working out in the ranch’s Endless Pool.

A contestant on NBC's hit reality show, The Biggest Loser, takes on the industry-best swiw current of the ranch's Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool.
The Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool delivers a smooth, fully adjustable swim current that gives this Biggest Loser contestant a safe, low-impact aerobic workout. Aquatic exercise, including swimming, burns the same calories as dry-land equivalents; as an added benefit, water's buoyancy protects the joints from the damaging impact that's particularly risky for obese individuals, such as the show's early-season contestants. This pool's new owners include a former runner suffering from sciatica, the pain of which can also be alleviated with aquatic therapy routines.

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