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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Train Smarter with the Endless Pools Fit@Home App

A swimmer pre-programs his Endless Pools workout with the new Fit@Home app
Endless Pool® owners, you have a new toy to play with!

With our recently launched Fit@Home app, you can control your swimming machine and underwater treadmill from your smartphone or tablet. Better still, the app adds all-new options to program and save your swimming and running workouts.

With the Fit@Home app, your Endless Pool's new, training-friendly functionality includes:

  • Workout Monitoring, with our easy-to-ready Display Mode.
  • Advanced Workouts with custom time and pace intervals; you can easily create, save, and edit your swim/run workouts.
  • Manual Control Mode to let you program a simple swim or treadmill run more quickly than with our standard remote control.
This animation shows some of the basic functions:

A Triathlete Gets Started with Fit@Home
Ed W., a triathlete in Michigan, originally got his own Endless Pool for the convenience; he was tired of waiting in line at the public pool to train. This summer, he upgraded with Fit@Home for even greater convenience.

"I’m 62 and swimming is still my best event," Ed told us. "For the last 3 years, I’ve only trained in my Endless Pool, which really blows most folks away."

Since turning to the Fit@Home app, he reports, "I can pre-program swims instead of having to start and stop.

"I have a couple of programs now – one is 10x100 interval, soon to be 15xI00’s. I could do that before, but I had to watch a clock and just guess when I got close to the time I wanted … I had to move out of the current [to] watch the clock and jump back in again.

"Now, it’s automatic."

A triathlete's Performance Endless Pools swimming machine for at-home swimming training
How can you tell that this is an older picture of Ed W.'s Endless Pool? The 62-year-old triathlete recently replaced that little blue remote (lower left) with our new Fit@Home app. Thanks to the new functionality afforded by Fit@Home, "I can pre-program swims instead of having to start and stop," he says. "It's automatic."

Getting HIIT with Fit@Home
Besides standard swimming intervals, you can also alternate high-to-low intensity. Called High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), it's been shown in multiple studies to be an effective way to make rapid fitness and performance gains.

You can use Fit@Home to program your own HIIT workout: for example, 60 seconds at a leisurely pace alternated with 15 seconds all-out, for 10 rotations.

Contact Endless Pools to learn more about the convenience and training advantages of the swimming and water-running at home with the Fit@Home app.

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