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Showing posts with label Dual Propulsion Endless Pool. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How Dr. Scott Wise Dipped into New Markets

Dr. Scott Wise of Wise Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine
"We're a sports medicine practice first," asserts Dr. Scott Wise. He opened Wise Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Western Pennsylvania in 1995. In recent years, he decided to "recapture the [Medicare] market," an expansion in his practice that lead him to install an Endless Pool® for aquatic therapy … and other revenue-generating programs. 

Two False Starts
"In 1999, we had a full pool-complex bid out," Dr. Wise recalls. "We decided cost was prohibitive," as might be expected for any independent practice contemplating new construction.

In 2014, Dr. Wise briefly considered a HydroWorx pool for his existing location, but "it was pre-built and didn't give us any customization options." With the lack of an adjustable swim current, the HydroWorx pool "certainly didn't meet our needs to swim or do balance work."

He then turned to Endless Pools. In addition to featuring a fully adjustable swim current, the Endless Pool resolved his problems thanks to its modular construction: it allows for installation in existing rooms, saving on the cost of a new "complex," and for customization for a range of uses and locations.

Dr. Wise opted for a 15'-square Dual Propulsion Endless Pool featuring side-by-side currents for swimming and resistance. The addition of two Underwater Treadmills created new avenues for rehab and cross-training.

Opening New Doors
To accept Medicare, treatment "has to be one-on-one," Dr. Wise reports. The compact Endless Pool, with dedicated swim/treadmill stations, allows for the individual treatment of Medicare-eligible seniors with, for example, "osteoarthritis, cardiac rehab, [and] a lot of people with bad heart conditions that also have bad knees."

The Endless Pool gave Wise PT additional treatment options for their core audience, "our sports clients – high school, college, weekend warriors." Dr. Wise's experience has shown him that aquatic therapy can "get kids back faster."

A one-on-one learn-to-swim lesson in the Dual Propulsion Endless Pool at Wise Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine
Learning to swim is less intimidating in the relatively shallow, warm-water Endless Pool. At Wise Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, the pool permitted them to "recapture the [Medicare] market" with one-on-one aquatic therapy. The pool also expanded their capabilities for their core audience of student and adult athletes, delivering new revenue streams for the two-location practice.

Quantifying Outcomes
"Outcomes are better, quicker" with the Endless Pool, Dr. Wise reports. With more than a decade of in-house case studies on older patients, he finds, "with Achilles reconstruction surgery, effectively we get about 22% quicker return than without the pool.

"We're getting people mobile more quickly. We can get them out of the boot and into the water." Without the pool, treatment of these seniors takes about 16 weeks, on average. With the addition of therapy in the Endless Pool, Dr. Wise and his team have shortened that time to around 12 weeks.

"And they're happier," he concludes of the Achilles/pool patients. Thanks to gentle aquatic therapy, "they don't have hip or back pain," which he reports are common "secondary conditions that arise" with Achilles damage.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jay Learns to Swim … for His First Triathlon

“I knew how to swim across the pool for a beer,” Jay Stillman notes dryly. That, of course, was before … before he went to ProSwim Fitness, before he trained in their Endless Pool®, and before he completed his first triathlon just three months later.

“My sister is my inspiration,” he says appreciatively. “She’s doing an IRONMAN at 54.” His family has always been close, but with her in Florida and him in New Jersey, a little more effort has been required.

So he agreed to join her for a triathlon in her adopted hometown of Naples. “I’ve always been a runner,” he notes, and he’d been training with his road bike for about a year; but like many triathletes, he considers the swim his weakest leg.

That’s why he turned to Patti Ann Finch and the team at ProSwim Fitness – to learn to swim, to build the stamina to do it long distance, and accomplish that very quickly.

Jay Stillman in the Dual Propulsion Endless Pool at ProSwim Fitness, Mt. Laurel, NJ
Jay Stillman (front) had just three months to learn to swim for his first triathlon. Here, he's training in the Dual Propulsion Endless Pool at ProSwim Fitness. “I’m more comfortable in the Endless Pool because I can focus," he says. "You’re not thinking about turning around or looking at a line.” He's come to enjoy swimming in general because, unlike other endurance exercises, "my body never hurts when I'm done!"

Training in the Endless Pool
“I needed to go to the basics,” Jay says matter-of-factly. “The Endless Pool has helped. It gives you that feeling of water coming at you.” That’s a common sentiment among triathletes: The Endless Pool offers the best available open-water simulation.

“I’m more comfortable in the Endless Pool because I can focus. You just go. You’re not thinking about turning around or looking at a line.”

Jay approached his swimming lessons with a mix of caution and determination. “For adults, it is intimidating,” he admits. “It’s very hard to learn swimming when you’re older. But it’s doable.

“There’s no question: You can learn to swim. All adults should have swimming as an option to exercise. My body never hurts when I’m done! It’s great.”

The Big Day in Naples
On the day of the Naples triathlon, Jay recalls, “I felt prepared. We ran in [to the Gulf] and then everybody’s kicking. It was chaos.”

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Biggest Loser’s Loss is a San Pedro Couple’s Gain; Racoons Snarl in Protest

TV shows don’t survive for 16 seasons without keeping it fresh. After shaking things up in Season 9 by installing a Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool® on the ranch, NBC’s hit reality show, The Biggest Loser, will challenge Season 17 contestants with another shake-up: the producers will have removed their reliable workout pool!

Originally installed in 2010, the 15’x14’ pool has helped dozens of contestants lose literally thousands of pounds. At the time, the show’s Sponsor Producer, David Norton, called the collaboration “a natural fit. Our trainers love using the Endless Pool as a complement to their training regimen."

Sam Poueu, a contestant on The Biggest Loser, Season 9, runs on the underwater treadmill of the ranch's Dual-Propulstion Endless Pool.
Sam Poueu was already showing excellent results during this run on the underwater treadmill of The Biggest Loser's Dual-Propulstion Endless Pool in Calabasas, CA. Thanks to workouts like this, the 24-year-old from Rohnert Park, CA, lost 136 pounds before being eliminated in week 16. After eight seasons, the show's producers decided last month to shake things up for next season, the 17th, by selling this pool. Fully modular, the Endless Pool can be easily dissembled and reassembled for its new owners, a couple in nearby San Pedro.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

REV3 says Goodbye and Hello from Venice

REV3 had a bittersweet finale in Venice, Florida. The final triathlon of their 2014 season – of which Endless Pools® was a proud sponsor – was also the last event ever under the Revolution3 banner. For more about the bright future of the family-friendly triathlon series, read on....

Canadian test-swimmer Troy in the Performance Endless Pool at the REV3 triathlon in Venice, Floriday, on Friday, November 7, 2014.
“That’s awesome! I was really surprised at how realistically it felt like swimming.” That’s the assessment of the Endless Pools Performance current from Troy, who came all the way from Saskatchewan to participate in the final REV3 Triathlon in Venice, Florida. Even though our reputation preceded us for most of the weekend’s test-swimmers, they consistently found their expectations exceeded by the current’s smooth strength. Apparently, swimming is belieiving!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Endless Pool 3D

No, it’s not coming to your neighborhood multiplex this summer. It’s even easier – your Endless Pool can be in 3D online right now.

Our recently launched Pool Configurator lets you mix and match your options – size, liner, colors, coping (that’s the material covering the top edge), and accessories – for every model.

For instance, here’s what our largest Endless Pool Elite, which boasts our fastest current, looks like with our Fiesta Wave liner, Platinum swim system, Slate skirting, and Frost Granite coping, plus two underwater mirrors.

A still image of an Endless Pool Elite from our Pool Configurator tool.
One variation of the Endless Pool Elite. For a fully interactive (and fully customizable) image, check out our new Pool Configurator. This tool lets you select from a range of models, options, and accessories, and then view the results in a movable 3D image.

This is just a still image, but with the Configurator, you can easily click-and-drag to view it from all angles, with and without water.

Or take a look at this filled Dual Propulsion model (perfect for romantic couples swims) with our Light Blue liner, Sapphire swim system, Mahogany skirting, and Moonlight Granite coping, plus our hydraulic underwater treadmill.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Poconos Charity Swim: Register Today!

What feels better than an invigorating Endless Pool swim? When that swim helps your neighbors in need!

To help their neighbors in need, our friends at Pike Physical Therapy & Fitness Center will host a Swim-a-thon at their Northeastern Pennsylvania facility. Their Dual Propulsion Endless Pool® (and their showers) will be open to participants on Saturday, May 31, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, for this event.

How it works
For a minimum suggested donation of just $20, you can swim against the Endless Pool’s smooth, fully adjustable current for 15 minutes.

Sign up for as many slots as you like, in sequence or with rest periods in between. If your swimming stamina currently outpaces your wallet, then ask family and friends to sponsor a swim!

Call Pike Physical Therapy at 570-686-4300, ext. 2, to reserve your time slot(s).

Pike Physical Therapy's Dual Propulsion Endless Pool
Pike PT's Dual Propulsion Endless Pool will host up to 96 swimmers over 12 hours to benefit two area charities.  A swim as short as 15 minutes can help a local women's shelter and the region's Special Olympics swim team.  Pike PT is now registering swimmers for the May 31st Swim-a-thon.

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