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Showing posts with label REV3 Triathlon. Show all posts
Showing posts with label REV3 Triathlon. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

REV3 says Goodbye and Hello from Venice

REV3 had a bittersweet finale in Venice, Florida. The final triathlon of their 2014 season – of which Endless Pools® was a proud sponsor – was also the last event ever under the Revolution3 banner. For more about the bright future of the family-friendly triathlon series, read on....

Canadian test-swimmer Troy in the Performance Endless Pool at the REV3 triathlon in Venice, Floriday, on Friday, November 7, 2014.
“That’s awesome! I was really surprised at how realistically it felt like swimming.” That’s the assessment of the Endless Pools Performance current from Troy, who came all the way from Saskatchewan to participate in the final REV3 Triathlon in Venice, Florida. Even though our reputation preceded us for most of the weekend’s test-swimmers, they consistently found their expectations exceeded by the current’s smooth strength. Apparently, swimming is belieiving!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Tris of Autumn: REV3 takes Anderson, SC

The leaves are falling as triathlon season winds to a close. But not before the penultimate REV3 of the 2014 season electrified Anderson, SC.

Located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this past weekend’s REV3 triathlon used scenic Lake Hartwell as the swim venue. A man-made reservoir on the Georgia border, Lake Hartwell is a popular, family-friendly recreation area adjacent to the Clemson TigersMemorial Stadium.

Onlookers watch a test-swimmer in the Endless Pool at the REV3 triathlon Expo in Anderson, SC, on October 11, 2014.
Lake Hartwell wasn’t the only swim venue for the REV3 triathlon in Anderson, SC. The Expo featured our Commercial Performance Pool. Triathletes have praised our pools for their smooth, fully adjustable current; when open waters are unavailable or inconvenient, an indoor or outdoor Endless Pool provides the next best thing. In-place swimming also delivers unparalleled coaching opportunities! Hopefully this swimmer’s tan-lined friend is taking notes.

A test-swimmer in the Endless Pool at the REV3 triathlon in Anderson, SC, on October 11, 2014.
Besides attending the REV3 Expos with our Performance Pool for test-swims like this one, Endless Pools’ participation in the REV3 2014 season also includes our Fastlane® Sweepstakes. With wall- and deck-mount options, the Fastlane swim-current generator turns any pool into an Endless Pool. To win one for your pool (or for the pool owner in your life), you can enter at the final U.S. REV3 of the year or online through year’s end.

REV3 athlete #452 test-swims in the Endless Pool at the REV3 triathlon in Anderson, SC, October 11, 2014.
Athlete #452 finished the swim in the top third of his age group! An impressive achievement, to be sure; but experience tells us that, with continued Endless Pool training, he could develop further to achieve a new PB. With its industry-best swim current and instant-feedback tools like swim mirrors and video-recording equipment, Endless Pools have long helped swimmers to build endurance and fine-tune technique.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

High Winds and Little Kids at REV3 Cedar Point

This weekend, Endless Pools® again joined the excitement at the REV3 family-friendly triathlon, this time in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point, a 364-acre amusement park situated along Lake Erie, served as the venue. Between the races and the roller coasters, participants found time to take a cooling or vigorous swim in our Performance Pool.

Four-year-old Max takes on the Endless Pools swim current at the REV3 Triathlon in Sandusky, OH, on Saturday, September 6, 2014. (1 of 2)
Four-year-old Max takes on the Endless Pools swim current at the REV3 Triathlon in Sandusky, OH, on Saturday, September 6, 2014. (2 of 2)
Four-year-old Max Carmona was too small for our goggles, but that didn’t stop him from taking a 5-minute swim! The swim current in our Performance Pool adjusts for just about every level – a push of a button slows it from a speed that challenges the adult triathletes down to a gentler pace for little Max.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Endless Pools & the Ice Bucket Challenge at Maine’s REV3 Triathlon

REV3, the family-friendly triathlon series, rolled through Old Orchard Beach, Maine, this past weekend. In addition to the usual events – including the always-popular Endless Pool demo swims – the weekend featured particularly spirited tributes to the continued fight against ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Triathlete Jen Small does the "Blazeman Roll" across the finish line at the REV3 Triathlon in Old Orchard Beach, ME, August 24, 2014.
Team REV3 triathlete Jen Small did the ‘Blazeman Roll’ at this weekend’s event. The lively finish-line crossing is named for Jon ‘Blazeman’ Blais, who was diagnosed with ALS before he’d fulfilled his dream of completing the IRONMAN™ World Championship in Kona. He vowed, “Even if I have to be rolled across the finish line, I'm finishing.” Miraculously, he did just that, ‘log-rolling’ across the finish line in 2005 to become the first person diagnosed with ALS to complete the grueling course. Since his passing in 2007, triathletes continue to do the “Blazeman Roll” in his honor. At this weekend’s REV3 triathlon, the memory of his fire and determination was alive and well.

Announcer Sean English takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the REV3 Triathlon in Old Orchard Beach, ME, August 2014.
REV3 announcer Sean English opted for the super-dunk version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As the voice of the REV3 triathlon series, which hits 12 U.S. cities this season, Sean is known for his high-spirited encouragement of all attendees. Here, he’s feeling the chill to raise money and awareness for ALS, the progressive neurodegenerative disease that frequently leads to total paralysis and death within two to five years of diagnosis. As of this Tuesday, Ice Bucket donations to the ALS Association reached $88.5 million, a 3,400% increase over the $2.6 million they’d received for the same period last year.

“Ma, this is awesome! I gotta get one of these.” This little girl gave the happiest Endless Pool recommendation of the weekend. As a proud sponsor of the 2014 REV3 series, Endless Pools was on hand this weekend with our Commercial Performance Pool. Triathletes love our smooth, adjustable swim current for being an ideal, at-home trainer for open-water conditions; kids love Endless Pools because they’re fun and not too deep. This girl’s mom, Barbra, kindly shared this video with us and reports, “Her father and I will be looking to invest in one.”

Monday, June 16, 2014

The “Revolutionary City” Hosts a Revolutionary Triathlon

This weekend, we again joined the REV3 Triathlon Series, this time in Williamsburg, VA.

Before Sunday’s Olympic and Half-REVs, the festivities kicked off with a full-moon Friday-the-13th Glow-in-the-Dark 5K and 1-mile Fun Run.

Saturday afternoon saw fun for all with the family-friendly “Little REV.” “The REV Adventure Kids Race is all about getting families to do things together,” said the event’s Director, Chris Spiller. “Getting them into health and fitness early is the best thing for the children, and ultimately, it brings the families closer together,”

Through it all, our pool stayed busy with triathletes looking to warm up, cool down, or just take on our smooth, fully adjustable swim current. Sadly, none of the swimmers wore colonial drag into the pool.

Next weekend, we’ll join REV3 at the Wisconsin Dells Waterpark. Hope to see you there!

An Endless Pool swimmer gets photographed from both sides at the REV3 Triathlon in Williamsburg, VA.
An Endless Pool swim is photogenic from any angle – even underwater!  This 14’ x 7’ Performance Pool comes equipped with underwater video-capture equipment, which allows detailed stroke analysis during playback. For real-time feedback, the swimmer can monitor the underwater mirrors through the bubble-free current.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

REV3 Comes to Quassy

Quassy Amusement Park is best known for its Wooden Warrior roller coaster. Last weekend, warriors of a different kind came to swim, bike, and run as the REV3 Triathlon Series took over with an Olympic-distance Triathlon, 70.3 Half REV, and opportunities to warm up and train in an Endless Pool.

Located in Middlebury, CT, Quassy offers a tough, hilly course for the main events; in keeping with REV3’s family-friendly ethos, the Saturday afternoon kids’ run took a more level route. Endless Pools continued our support of the series by installing a 14' x 7' Performance Pool, fully equipped for stroke feedback with underwater mirror and cameras. The swift and impressive results swimmers got from the pool surprised even us.

Athletes and spectators watch a test-swim in the Endless Pools Performance model at the REV3 Triathlon at Quassy Amusement Park last weekend.
Though not primarily a spectator sport, this Endless Pool swim drew a crowd of onlookers at last weekend’s REV3 Triathlon at Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, CT. The weekend’s swimmers included many of the top finishers, a septuagenarian, and a quintet of MIT’s self-professed triathlon “nerds.” One swimmer credited the Pool’s feedback with allowing him to shave 2 minutes off his previous personal best!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

REV3 Rush – Richmond Wrap-up

Last weekend, the REV3 triathlon series took over the Richmond International Raceway, and the format – designed for fun-for-all, full-throttle action – was as distinctive as the location.

REV3 Rush is a dynamic, draft-legal race, consisting of a 250-meter swim, 5-mile bike, and a 1.25-mile run. With a variety of event options and a minimum of just two required, REV3 welcomes all ages and all abilities, “from the gym triathlete to the road-versatile pro,” as REV3 President Charlie Patten puts it.

The family-oriented REV3 always schedules plenty of activities to entertain non-participants. At the Raceway, the engagement level benefited from the spectator-friendly set-up: the swims were in two pools at the raceway’s center, the bikes took the track, with the runs in the infield. The eyes in the bleachers stayed sharp, even without the threat of flaming wreckage that the venue normally brandishes.
Even the youngest athletes found uses for the Endless Pool at the REV3 Triathlon at Richmond International Raceway.
A family-friendly pool for a family-friendly triathlon: while the adults and juniors used the Endless Pool to warm up, and its swim mirrors for stroke analysis, the youngest athletes used it to cool off and add to the fun at last weekend’s REV3 at the Richmond International Raceway.

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Different Kind of Triathlon (with an Endless Pool Raffle)

Shut up, pain!
Suck it up!
No room for the weak!
You may beat me, but I will make you bleed to do it!
These are some actual mantras of triathletes. And Charlie Patten, Jr., was a typical, driven, no-excuses triathlete … until the day he realized that he was missing his kids’ soccer game to train for the bike leg. “Triathlon doesn’t have to be that way,” he thought. “It can be about family, friends, just enjoying yourself.”

This epiphany led him to found Revolution 3, a triathlon series that’s less about pushing beyond all known limits and more a celebration of being active with your community.

This Endless Pool Commercial Performance model will be available for free test swims at 11 Rev3 triathlons around the U.S. from May through November. Triathletes find that it's an ideal tool to train for open-water swimming. You can enter to win an Endless Pools Fastlane swim-current generator during the 2014 Rev3 season.
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