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Showing posts with label aquatic rehab. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kat Has Some Serious Fun (Part 2 of 2)

Endless Pools owner Kat T. in the Performance Endless Pool in her garage
In last week's blog post about Endless Pool® owner Kat, she discussed how her Performance model helped her lose 30 pounds, postpone knee-replacement surgery, and reduce pain so she could finally through sleep the night. We didn't mention how much fun she's having while making these quality-of-life strides!

Dancing and Relaxing
"I just dance!" she gushes. "I put music on and just dance in the pool. It's ridiculous. My gosh, I just feel so free.

She installed her Endless Pool for rehabilitation exercises plus a separate hot tub for relaxation; she's since found that the Endless Pool serves both ends. She even hung a television over the pool.

"I could get in the hot tub, but no, I think, 'I can get in the pool and watch a movie.'" It's a ritual she enjoys alone, with her husband, Doug, and when her grandkids are visiting. "I've seen Frozen about 14 times in the pool!"

In Kat's renovated garage, she can do a gentle, rehabilitative breaststroke in her Endless Pool … while simultaneously watching television and 'walking' her dog! As reported in our earlier blog post on Kat, her Endless Pool routine also helped her to lose 30 pounds, postpone critical knee-replacement surgery, and sleep without painful interruptions.

Counting the Conveniences
Having an Endless Pool at home saves her a long commute to and from a highly chlorinated public pool. The at-home convenience, she estimates, "probably saves me an hour and half out of my day."

"The chlorine in a public pool bothers my eyes. The Endless Pool has almost no chlorine," she notes. Because our state-of-the-art water quality system is "so efficient, I don't wear goggles, and I'm fine."

The distance and the chemicals weren't her only concerns. "I don't like being in bathing suits in public," she confides.

On top of all that, she finds, "It's easy to care for." When Kat's Endless Pools Design Representative, Lynne, told her that regular maintenance takes just minutes a week, "I thought, 'Really?' But it does!"

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kat Makes Serious Health Strides (Part 1 of 2)

Endless Pools owner Kat T. in the Performance Endless Pool in her garage
"When I was 18, I was in a head-on collision," Kat recounts. The accident caused severe damage to her knee. "They came very close to amputating." The injury has impacted her over the decades since – "It'll always be a bit wonky," she notes – but in recent years, she's found considerable relief: Kat installed an Endless Pool®.

The Big Decision
When Kat (short for Katherine) and her husband, Doug, first considered the Endless Pool in 2013, "I was 46 and needed a knee replacement. The doctor wanted to wait as long as possible": a knee replacement lasts 20 years, and a second one just 10, she was advised.

"I couldn't do a lot of stuff in the gym. I was getting frustrated, and also I was gaining weight."

When Doug suggested installing an Endless Pool in their garage, she asked herself, "'I've never been a swimmer. Is this something I'm going to use?'"

They visited the Endless Pools Factory Showroom in suburban Philadelphia. As she recalls, "I got in the demo pool and thought, 'Oh my gosh, I just love it!'"

Kat's Perfomance Endless Pool in her converted garage
Kat uses the Endless Pool in her converted garage almost daily to swim, jog, run, dance, and even watch TV! A Performance model, it has helped her to lose 30 pounds, postpone knee-replacement surgery by as much as 10 years, and sleep at night uninterrupted by knee pain. Of her Endless Pools fitness and rehab regimen, Kat says, "It's changed my life."

Kat's Endless Pools Progress
"I spend half the time jogging in the pool. Things I can't do on land – squats, running – I can do it in the pool." She also enjoys adapting yoga and Pilates movements into her aquatic fitness routine. "I use the pool five, six, seven times a week – sometimes twice a day."

"I lost 30 pounds, and my muscle percentage has gone the high range for my age. My cholesterol is perfect. My blood sugar came down. My doctor said it's amazing."

While her weight loss was gradual, over about three years, Kat notes that she changed nothing else – not diet or activity outside the pool – to contribute to her progress.

And that knee replacement? Thanks to her improved fitness and weight, her doctor now predicts that it won't be necessary for another five to 10 years!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Adam Carolla Saves the Day (with a Little Help)

Endless Pools Factory Trained Installer Rob Doezie surrounded by Catch a Contractor co-hosts Adam Carolla and Skip Bedell
Beth needs aquatic therapy to keep her disability from worsening. When the contractor that she hires to install a swim spa disappears without completing the job, she turned to the team at Spike TV’s Catch a Contractor. And they turned to Endless Pools® to help them save the day.

Thanks to Endless Pools and our Factory Trained Installer, Rob Doezie (pictured left, between “Catch” hosts Adam Carolla and Skip Bedell), Beth now swims in an Original Endless Pool with an upgrade to our Underwater Treadmill for low-impact rehab.

Through her tears, Beth said, “I honestly can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. It will make such a difference in my life.”

Much of the show’s action features the Catch crew confronting the contractor they dub “Wacky Winston,” challenging both his grasp of the truth and of short division. In the end though, it’s Beth’s ability to improve her condition – at home, with a state-of-the-art Endless Pool – that gives the episode a happy ending.

You can watch the complete episode (subscription required) on the Spike TV website.

The completed Endless Pool on Spike TV's Catch a Contractor, season 3, episode 9.
The Big Reveal: At the end of Spike TV's Catch a Contractor, Beth sees this, her Original Endless Pool, partially in-ground with our Underwater Treadmill. "I can't thank you enough," she cries. "It's so beautiful! The workmanship... oh my gosh!" And for our Factory Trained Installer, Rob Doezie, leaving a customer speechless is the highest of compliments.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Run, Mark, Run!

UPDATE: Mark finished the Boston Marathon in 3:23:25. Congratulations, Mark!

Today, Endless Pools’ own Marketing Director, Mark Langan, runs the Boston Marathon. His route there has been circuitous, with detours for, among other things, various injuries and five children.

An experienced triathlete, Mark decided to refocus on running last fall. He’d just finished his tri season with an age-group victory at REV3 Pocono Mountains (now Challenge Pocono Mountains). Soon after that, though, his runs were derailed by a twisted ankle – more specifically, a grade-3 sprain that left his ankle looking like a grapefruit.

The next week, he was running on the Endless Pools® underwater treadmill. “That helped me greatly,” he recalls appreciatively. By removing the impact of running, the hydraulic treadmill allowed him to continue his training, retaining his stamina and flexibility while his ankle healed.  Deep Tissue Massage using the hydrotherapy jets helped reduce swelling.

Mark Langan running on the underwater treadmill of an Endless Pool Swim Spa.
When injuries interrupted his Boston Marathon training runs, Mark Langan turned to this Endless Pools underwater treadmill to retain his stamina and flexibility while his body healed. "That helped me greatly,” he recalls appreciatively. By removing the impact of running, the underwater treadmill permits low-impact exercise and rehab for a range of injuries and ailments. Mark is running in the 119th Boston Marathon today.

By Christmas, he’d run a sub-1:30 half-marathon, an impressive time that left him hoping for a three-hour time today. Subsequent injuries have caused him to lessen his expectations a bit.

First, he injured his hip due to his altered stride while overcompensating for the bum ankle. More recently, a freak accident left his foot unable to flex without pain, and this just one day after a successful 20-mile training run; while relaxing on the couch, he’d merely applied pressure to his bare foot against the edge of his coffee table. (‘This is what you get for putting your feet on the table!’ say moms everywhere.)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Andrew Starykowicz: Fighting to Win

Andrew Starykowicz has been a professional triathlete since 2006. With world-record bike splits for the full and half-Ironman distances, he’s earned his status as the fastest cyclist in triathlon. As our guest blogger, he discusses his latest training tool, the Performance Endless Pool® he installed in his basement this winter.

Andrew Starykowicz, professional triathlete and Endless Pools owner.
In the off-season, every athlete adds tools to their arsenal trying to take their training to the next level.  Yoga, Pilates, Insanity, P90X are just some examples of what I have tried in the past.  This off-season, I took it to a whole new level – I installed an Endless Pool.

I first got to experience an Endless Pool at the Philly Tri because there was no place to swim in the days leading into the event.  I found the current to be very similar to open water swimming, more than the time I spent in a traditional pool. 

Now that I am in it full time, I have seamlessly taken my workouts from my book, For Swimmers 365 Main Sets, and adapted them to the Endless Pool. As a result, I’m getting workouts that are a lot more practical to how I race ... not in a 25-yard, not in a 25-meter, not in a 50-meter pool, but in lakes, rivers, and oceans.  I also need to train my body to hold a blistering pace for miles on end, not just 30 seconds and rest 5 seconds as I flip and streamline off the wall.

Andrew Starykowicz and Adam Alper, having just installed Andrew's Performance Endless Pool.
Some Endless Pools are glamorous showpieces skirted in Carrara marble. This Endless Pool, belonging to professional triathlete Andrew Starykowicz (left), is pure efficiency. He uses it for the quality of the swim current, for the at-home convenience, and because, as he puts it, “I support the people who support the sport.” Endless Pools’ own Adam Alper (right) helped install this Performance model in Andrew’s Illinois basement.

Now, the idea of installing one at home started when I calculated how much time is spent driving to the pool, changing, showering, and coming home. 
  • Let's just say it is 10 minutes each way to the pool. 
  • Next is the 10 minutes to get changed, grab your kickboard, and figure out which lane is yours. 
  • After you have to put away your equipment, shower, and by the time you towel off and get dressed, it is another 15 minutes. 
  • Finally the 10-minute drive home.
So the whole process takes 45 minutes, 4 days a week, 45 weeks a year ... That's 135 hours that could be used doing more productive things at home, like fixing a nice dinner for your wife, spending time with family, and taking a nap.  Plus it is never fun when a slower swimmer gets in your lane and futzes up your workout or when the pool is closed for some reason.

Since I have started training in it, I learned that it has become far more valuable than just training my body to swim long.  Using the mirror, I can watch my every stroke and have really been able to practice and appreciate the value of gliding before the catch part of the stroke.  Watching my every move, I have been able to reduce my stroke count while swimming faster. 

Andrew Starykowicz at T1 in 2013 (photo by Ali Elgin)
With his reputation as the fastest cyclist in triathlon, Andrew Starykowicz is often overlooked for his stellar swimming. When swimming for Purdue, he earned a coveted All-American designation. He trains in an Endless Pool because it delivers “workouts that are a lot more practical to how I race ... not in a 25-yard, not in a 25-meter, not in a 50-meter pool, but in lakes, rivers, and oceans.” (Photo ©2013 Ali Engin)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Triathlete Rhys Davey Gets “Keen” on Coaching

Late afternoon in Polop de la Marina, a small Valencian village, and Rhys Davey works while his friends are off cycling. Davey – along with Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, the sibling triathletes and Olympic medalists, and the Slovak triathlete Richard Varga – is spending a few weeks here to escape the English winter and train under the Mediterranean sun.

But his work these days also includes serving as Head Coach and Manager of Aquatread, a recently founded training facility in Leeds that features the Brownlees’ Elite Endless Pool®. Davey busily plans the Aquatread Grand Opening, scheduled for Thursday, January 22. The evening will include demonstration swims and runs in the Endless Pool, as well as a Q&A with the Brownlees. So while the others cycle, the 23-year-old triathlete sits in a bistro with his tablet.

“It’s our venture, something we’re keen to do,” he says of Aquatread, which offers training and coaching opportunities to their community. It’s also available to local pros and amateurs in football (“the round version,” he adds for us Yanks), rugby, and British Triathlon – “any sport where they feel hydrotherapy can be beneficial,” which is pretty much any sport.

“With the addition of the underwater treadmill, we have a fantastic rehab facility.” (And it was on the treadmill of Alistair Brownlee’s first Endless Pool that he was able to train and rehab with a torn Achilles tendon in time to earn 2012 Olympic Gold!)

Triathlete Rhys Davey competing in the Castle Triathlon, Summer 2014.
Rhys Davey, completing T1 of last summer’s Castle Triathlon. In addition to competing, he’s now coaching in the Elite Endless Pool at Aquatread, the Leeds training facility founded by Olympic medalists Alistair and Jonny Brownlee. Davey trains in the Elite himself as he prepares to take on more IRONMAN 70.3 tris in the upcoming seasons.

Davey praises the Endless Pools swim current for being “so good and so fast.” The Elite model’s adjustable current maxes out at a 0:56/100-meter pace, but “it can accommodate any type of swimmer. You can put cameras pretty much anywhere” for video stroke analysis. Davey calls it “the best of both worlds”: “You have the ability to do absolutely everything” for top-tier swimmers, and yet it also works for beginners.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Meg O.: “This pool has changed my life.”

Meg O. of Stoddard, Wisconsin, was inspired to get her Endless Pool while nursing a long-term injury. She shared this story of her ongoing recovery and how the Endless Pool gave her "a new lease on life."

In 1996, I broke and dislocated the two ribs that the diaphragm anchors on in the left back of my chest. I didn’t know that they were dislocated for six months, and by that time, the muscles that were supposed to hold them in place had atrophied. As a result, it hurt to breathe, and even if they were put back into place by a chiropractor, they didn’t stay for more than a few hours. I tried every treatment known to medicine and alternate medicine and got no permanent solution. When it hurts to breathe, the autonomic nervous system adjusts your inhalations to make them shallower so they don’t hurt. As a result, I couldn’t exercise, and I had to sleep with oxygen on.

A simple, rustic Endless Pool installation used by Meg O. of Stoddard, WI, to recover from a painful, years-long injury.
This simple rustic installation was good enough for Meg O. She used her Endless Pool for recovery and pain relief after 16 years of struggling with broken ribs and the resulting atrophy and breathing difficulties. She calls her Endless Pool "wonderful," crediting it with giving her "a new lease on life."

Since hurting the ribs, my chiropractor had been telling me that he believed the muscles might come back if I could swim four or more times a week, focusing on the breaststroke to target the weak intercostal muscles. For most of those years, I had no way to make that happen and still work full time.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Factory-Trained Installer Profile: Pete Wackman, PWE Inc.


Pete Wackman, Endless Pools Factory-Trained Installer, dba PWE, Inc.
We all remember where we were on the morning of September 11, 2001. Pete Wackman was getting ready to install his first Endless Pool® in Denver, 80 miles from home. “I got up early and was drinking coffee, watching the Today show. They thought it was a little private Cessna or something. By the time I got to Denver, both towers were down.”

What did he do? “There was nothing else to do” – he installed the pool, all the while getting updates from his client, who happened to work for a government defense contractor. “She was very helpful and gave me all kinds of information,” he recalls. And he waited for a return phone call from his brother, who sometimes worked at One World Trade Center; fortunately, he happened to be operating from another location that day.

Since then, under drastically less stressful circumstances, Pete (d/b/a PWE, Inc.) has completed over 200 permanent Endless Pool installations, as well as numerous temporary ones for IRONMAN and other events.

While he recognizes that he’s done some “amazingly gorgeous” and “photogenic” installations on some high-end real estate, those aren’t the ones that stand out in his memory. “The majority of my favorite installations aren’t about the locations; it’s the people,” he reflects. He recalls his favorite installation as “one that’s down in a basement. It’s not lavish or anything, but the daughter has a brittle bone disease. She’d broken over 100 bones in her body just walking or rolling over in bed. Swimming was really the only way she could exercise. It was a deal that I’d helped put together, and I discounted a good portion of the install. Her mom was in tears.”

Endless Pool in a home gym; installation by Factory-Trained Installer Pete Wackman.
Textured-stone skirting makes this installation a real standout! Factory-Trained Installer Pete Wackman helped transform this room into a versatile home gym. With this compact Endless Pool, he brought big benefits into otherwise tight quarters.

Endless Pool with island mural; installation by Factory-Trained Installer Pete Wackman.
For this virtual island getaway, Pete installed only the real part – the Endless Pools’ calm waters, adjustable to a swift swim current with the push of a button.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bone Disease Rx: An Endless Pool & a Positive Attitude


Ken Gudek, Endless Pool owner
Ask Ken Gudek if it’s a good time to talk, and he replies, “Super!” Ask him about his recent South American cruise, and he reflects on how witnessing the poverty in Peru made him grateful for all that he has. His bright and appreciative outlook didn’t come without obstacles.

Ken was born with the brittle-bone disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta (literally, ‘imperfect bones from birth,’ and OI for short), and despite suffering “over 50 fractures by the age of 23,” he still recalls his childhood fondly. “I always had my family around me, and I almost always had a smile on my face. We did need to be careful at all times, but I was blessed with having great doctors, nurses, teachers, friends, and my family.”

Only when pressed will he note that he “couldn’t play any real sports,” the exception being Wiffle ball, “on my knees because my legs wouldn’t support my weight” and only with his older brother’s friends, who were “more mature and more careful” than kids his own age.

This silver-lining attitude doubtlessly benefits his health. He also benefits from regular exercise in his Endless Pool. 

“The Endless Pool is great,” he observes. “I swim in it for 30 minutes, four to five time a week.” That’s double his maximum swim time from when he first started! “I feel it helps me stay stronger and keeps my heart in good health. I love it and don't know if I’d be as healthy as I am right now without it.”

Right now, he walks with crutches, as he has since college. Otherwise, “I do normal things that everyone else does, like go to work, drive, go out with friends, and go home at the end of the day to my wife, Teresa, and my son, Ken Jr.,” who turns 25 later this month. “I walked through Disney on the crutches. If I didn’t have the Endless Pool to build up my muscles and stamina, I probably wouldn’t be able to walk Disney.

“Walking does help,” he continues, “but I do get sore if I walk, say, a mile or two. In the Endless Pool, I never get tired or sore. The low impact it has on my bones is the governing factor.”

Friday, December 27, 2013

Endless Pool Helps Masters Cyclist Thrive

John Platero is a busy man. The founder and owner of Future Fit, Inc., director of the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers, an author and musician, Platero also competed in 95 Masters cycling races in 2013, placing in 27 of them.

The well-respected 55-year old fitness professional has learned to maximize his training and recovery time with the aid of his backyard Endless Pool.

John Platero's backyard Endless Pool swimming pool used for exercise, swimming and rehabilitation.
Platero's Endless Pool offers a beautiful backyard exercise and rehab center
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