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Showing posts with label aquatic therapy. Show all posts

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Week in Swimming

Olympic swimmer Caeleb Dressel winning one of 7 record-tying medals at the 2017 Fina World Swimming Championships
With 7 gold medals, Caeleb Dressel tied Phelps' record at the World Championships in Budapest. (NPR, with audio) His performance is raising comparisons to Usain Bolt! (CNN)

Dressel's ascent is only one of these 5 takeaways from the World Swimming Championships. (NBC Sports, with video)

U.S. Paralympics announced its 22-athlete team for the 2017 World Para Swimming Championships in Mexico. (Team USA)

Take closer looks at 2017 High School Swimmers of the Year Morgan Tankersley and Reece Whitley. (Swimming World)

Without a wetsuit, endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh swam his first in a series of Arctic swims in below-freezing waters to raise awareness of climate change. (New York Times)

Get inspired by the 92-year-old swimmer who's breaking local swimming records and by the German professor who kicked off a 31-day, 652-mile swim along the Tennessee River. (USA Today, with video)

With 50 children drowning every day, Bangladesh needs swimming lessons; two charities joined forces to offer them free. (ABC News)

A woman with a rare form of arthritis learned to love exercise by leaving the gym and dipping into a pool. (Greatist)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How the Brownlee Brothers Made History in Rio

Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee show off their silver and gold Olympic medals in Triathlon, Rio, August 18, 2016
If there’s any sibling rivalry between the Brownlees, it wasn’t visible in Rio.

Moments before Alistair crossed the finish line to win his second consecutive Olympic gold medal, a historic first in Triathlon, he paused to look over his shoulder for his younger brother, Jonathan, just a few seconds behind. On the other side, panting on the pavement, the two held hands.

How they came to dominate the sport is, of course, a story of grit and determination. And while you’d never know it from seeing the brothers atop the podium with their gold and silver medals, it’s also a story of successive injuries rehabbed with aquatic therapy.

Brothers in Arms
The improbably named Coz Tantrum, their former swim coach and still a family friend, has had a privilege vantage point into the brothers’ unique bond.

Alistair “tends to think a little bit more outside of the box,” she observes in this interview with BBC Radio last week. “Alistair does take risks. He did prior to 2012 when he injured his ankle. He said, ‘Well, I’ve got to do something here to get back in the water, but I can’t put any weight on my ankle.’ So we trained in an Endless Pool on a treadmill.”

As she recalls, in the six months “prior to the 2012 Olympics, he’d done hardly any [dry-land] running. So when he got on the line, he knew he could swim, he knew he was going to be able to bike, but he didn’t know how his ankle was going to hold up. And as it turned out, he did the fastest 10K.”

The Endless Pool retained its rehabilitative role this time around. Alistair suffered a stress fracture to his ankle just nine months ago. As he maintained one of the leading positions on the bike, and then as he took a commanding lead over his co-frontrunner, Jonny, in the run, the injury seemed a distant memory.

The Race in Rio

The brutal course, worsened by sweltering heat and humidity, had been called the toughest in Olympic history. The waters off Copacabana beach are notorious for their choppy waves, and the bike course achieved gradients as steep as 20 percent.

The pair stayed side by side through most of the race, always near or at the front of the pack. Only in the last 2 km did Alistair break out to take a solo lead.

Alistair stands as the first triathlete, man or woman, to earn successive gold medals in the sport. He and Jonny are also the first brothers to take gold and silver together since Rome 1960.

A photo posted by Jonathan Jonny Brownlee (@jonnybrownleetri) on

A photo posted by Alistair Brownlee (@alistair.brownlee) on

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ernie & Marge: “At Peace with the World” in their Endless Pool

Ernie loves Marge. After decades of marriage, he still speaks of her first. For instance, their Original Endless Pool® gives him relief from his neuropathy, but he leads with how it helps with her condition: “The pool is the only real time when she’s at peace with the world,” he says gratefully. “She gets daily relief from going in.”

A New Pool for a New Home
When the couple moved from their condo and “decided to build a place of our own” in 2003, “one of the fundamental things that I wanted was to put in a pool,” he recalls. For indoor, year-round convenience and therapeutic options, they chose the Endless Pool.

Marge didn’t want it in the basement, though that was the logical place given the weight-bearing and drainage requirements. As a solution, they created a lower level with large windows, fully exposed to the outdoors.

“It’s very relaxing,” Ernie finds. “We can see the sunset in the evening and light through the trees in the morning.”

When he now refers to the “poolroom” downstairs, “people think we have a pool table down here!”

Ernie and Marge H. in front of their home's Endless Pools swimming machine.
Ernie and Marge have a lot to smile about. Since installing their Original Endless Pool® in their new home in 2003, they’ve used it daily for relief from a range of medical conditions. Ernie notes that Marge “gets daily relief from going in. She gets peace of mind from going in. She loves the pool.”

The Install
With his past contractor experience, Ernie elected to install the Endless Pool himself. He relied on Endless Pools’ written and online video instructions. “I’m very impressed by the materials; everything I wanted was there,” he says now. “We had no problems.”

Still, our Customer Service team provides phone assistance for any questions. “The people have been great,” he says. “I have no complaints with the service whatsoever.” Like Ernie, nearly 20 percent of Endless Pools owners opt for a DIY installation.

Monday, January 18, 2016

10 Reasons to Use an Endless Pool

swim guru Dr. John Mullen
Dr. John Mullen started swimming at age 4. He created the Swimming Science blog and is Director of Operations at COR, a sports performance studio in Santa Clara, CA. He recently trekked to the FINIS Stroke Lab in nearby Livermore to try out their Elite Endless Pools® swimming machine. Here's his report:

Endless Pools® provide all the benefits of swimming in a traditional pool, but they take up less space and provide users with a better experience overall. It is not the pool you want to use for a 7-year-old’s birthday party, but it is the pool you need for targeted swim instruction and rehabilitation therapy. Many athletes and swimmers of all ages use the Endless Pool for the best workout.

Who Uses Endless Pools
College swimming programs and Olympic training facilities use Endless Pools on a daily basis for targeted training and research. Endless Pools provide opportunities to study safety and performance, and to create challenging workouts.  People can even install them in their homes as well. From Olympic swimmers to recovering patients, people across the US jump into an Endless Pool for success. In Endless Pools across the US, you will find many types of swimmers:

• Patients recovering from surgeries and/or injuries
• Swimmers
• Triathletes
• Runners
• Tennis players
• Basketball players
• Motorsports athletes, and more

Why do so many people choose the Endless Pool over a traditional pool?

Coach Kim Brackin sets the pace in her Endless Pool
1.  Users can control the current
The Endless Pool has a 5-hp propeller that users can adjust to control the water current. Adjusting the speed of the current challenges the athlete by providing resistance. Resistance training improves speed and power in the water. When resistance training is done in the pool it burns more calories, yet it is easier on the body and joints.

The Endless Pools overhead backstroke mirror
2.  Increases body awareness
An Endless Pool has a mirror in the bottom that allows swimmers to observe their workout and body mechanics. Observing the body when it is in motion allows athletes to address problematic movements and positions immediately.

Olympic gold medalist Alyssa Anderson gives pointers in the Elite Endless Pool
3.  Allows for targeted training
Coaches and trainers can observe every stroke and movement in the pool. If an athlete—whether swimmer or otherwise—needs to work on form or a problematic area, coaches and trainers can target an area and adjust the workout accordingly. Targeted training improves the impact and effectiveness of drills.

Tim Murphy coaches Olympic swimmer Alex Myer in the Elite Endless Pool
4.  Allows coaches to provide immediate feedback
Coaches never have to run along the pool or lose sight of the athlete in the pool. This allows coaches to observe every movement. The position and pool height allows coaches to correct problem movements and techniques right away just by reaching over the side of the pool.

Opting for the Elite Endless Pool at University of Kentucky
5.  Eliminates turns and stopping
The pool is compact, but the current makes it an endless training space. It is a training space that does not have walls, lanes or contact with other swimmers. The Endless Pool’s counter current is the secret of its success. Swimming against the current eliminates the need for pushing off so swimmers can focus on form and performance.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bedridden for 21 Years, She Found Relief in the Water

Lynn A., Endless Pools WaterWell owner
This spring, Lynn A. changed her life. For years, she’s suffered from dysautonomia, an umbrella term for a range of conditions afflicting the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Your ANS controls ‘automatic’ bodily functions, including your heart rate, temperature control, kidney function, and blood pressure. Dysautonomia can be dangerous and even fatal.

So what changed this spring? Lynn installed an Endless Pools WaterWell®, our modular therapy pool for temperature-controlled aquatic therapy. With the convenience of having her WaterWell in her Auburn, AL, home, she has quickly improved her quality of life. She recounts her transformation in this letter to her Endless Pools Design Representative, Kim Boyle.

“Hi Kim, this is Lynn A. We finally got the room built over the pool and I have been in it 10 times so far. You won't believe what I am going to tell you.  I have been homebound and bedridden and unable to sit up without passing out for 21 years. I was chained in this body suffering from an Autonomic Nervous System Failure. So when I stand my blood pressure drops and I pass out.

“The first time in my Endless Pool, I could stand up and walk. I was told by my doctor that I wouldn't be able to stand for longer than a few minutes for several months. Not only is my physical condition bad all of my muscles are weak from inactivity.

“Kim, when I stood standing up and walking in that pool, I felt touched by God. I had a feeling like I had never felt. It was amazing! I stood there thinking, ‘What is this I am feeling?’ I wasn't dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated or anything. I FELT GOOD! I began to weep in the pool. ... I finally felt free. Free from the chains I have been bound in this body that couldn't move without getting sick. Then I felt a warmth, and the room brightened. I felt healed emotionally that day free in my pool.

“Kim, the second time in the pool ... It was a true miracle. WOW! I danced to "You Raise Me Up." Because God and Endless Pools have certainly raised me up from 21 years of being homebound, bedridden and recliner-bound. Kim, I feel so good in the pool.

“Words cannot express what Endless Pools WaterWell has done for me. It has saved my life and now it is touching the lives of my many followers who are sick and suffering too.

“I have been able to get in it now 10 times, and yesterday for the first time ever I was able to stand and hold my 21-month-old precious granddaughter, Sophia. We are celebrating over here.

“Love and thank you, Endless Pools, for changing my life, for saving my life.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Her Ailment is a Mystery, but an Effective Therapy is Clear

Hello Michael,

I would like to tell you how much my WaterWell has helped me with my condition. I've lost 16 pounds, and I can get in and out of a car without assistance, climb stairs with two legs instead of one, and just have overall better mobility. I want to thank you and your company for making this possible. 

I love my WaterWell. I'm in it two or three times a day at about 45 minutes to an hour each time. I can't wait for my next doctor’s visit because he is going to be so surprised with my mobility and weight. I weigh what I did before I became really sick seven years ago. I back in a size 8 instead of a 12. That means a lot to a woman.

Thank you again,

When one of our Design Representatives received this email, just seven weeks after Deborah's Endless Pools WaterWell® therapy pool was up and running, we had to call her to learn more.

“I always was active before I got sick,” she told us by phone from her Ontario home. “I’m 62. At 40, I learned to rollerblade. I hiked, I walked, I did everything. And then this thing just took over, gradually, gradually, until I couldn’t do anything.”

Frustratingly, Deborah does not have an official diagnosis. Her many specialists, in the U.S. and Canada, have ruled out MS and ALS, both early suspects as her condition has some similar symptoms, including muscle weakness and spasms. “We’re just dumbfounded. No one knows what this is.”

While her symptoms had progressively worsened, she’s found that aquatic therapy has begun to reverse them. Her husband installed a WaterWell, Endless Pools’ compact therapy pool, in their basement.

Deborah exercising in the Endless Pools WaterWell therapy pool in the basement of her Ontario home
In her basement WaterWell, Deborah exercises and even dances. “I have my radio cranked,” she says happily. When her muscle spasms begin and her medication doesn't help, “I go in the pool, and it stops.” The increased activity, too painful for her on dry land, allows her to sleep so much better that she’s all but stopped taking her once-nightly medication.

“This pool has put me back probably to where I was 4 years ago inside of 2 months,” she reports happily. “I just exercise in the water. I dance; I have my radio cranked. I don’t stop in the water. I love it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Adam Carolla Saves the Day (with a Little Help)

Endless Pools Factory Trained Installer Rob Doezie surrounded by Catch a Contractor co-hosts Adam Carolla and Skip Bedell
Beth needs aquatic therapy to keep her disability from worsening. When the contractor that she hires to install a swim spa disappears without completing the job, she turned to the team at Spike TV’s Catch a Contractor. And they turned to Endless Pools® to help them save the day.

Thanks to Endless Pools and our Factory Trained Installer, Rob Doezie (pictured left, between “Catch” hosts Adam Carolla and Skip Bedell), Beth now swims in an Original Endless Pool with an upgrade to our Underwater Treadmill for low-impact rehab.

Through her tears, Beth said, “I honestly can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. It will make such a difference in my life.”

Much of the show’s action features the Catch crew confronting the contractor they dub “Wacky Winston,” challenging both his grasp of the truth and of short division. In the end though, it’s Beth’s ability to improve her condition – at home, with a state-of-the-art Endless Pool – that gives the episode a happy ending.

You can watch the complete episode (subscription required) on the Spike TV website.

The completed Endless Pool on Spike TV's Catch a Contractor, season 3, episode 9.
The Big Reveal: At the end of Spike TV's Catch a Contractor, Beth sees this, her Original Endless Pool, partially in-ground with our Underwater Treadmill. "I can't thank you enough," she cries. "It's so beautiful! The workmanship... oh my gosh!" And for our Factory Trained Installer, Rob Doezie, leaving a customer speechless is the highest of compliments.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Run, Mark, Run!

UPDATE: Mark finished the Boston Marathon in 3:23:25. Congratulations, Mark!

Today, Endless Pools’ own Marketing Director, Mark Langan, runs the Boston Marathon. His route there has been circuitous, with detours for, among other things, various injuries and five children.

An experienced triathlete, Mark decided to refocus on running last fall. He’d just finished his tri season with an age-group victory at REV3 Pocono Mountains (now Challenge Pocono Mountains). Soon after that, though, his runs were derailed by a twisted ankle – more specifically, a grade-3 sprain that left his ankle looking like a grapefruit.

The next week, he was running on the Endless Pools® underwater treadmill. “That helped me greatly,” he recalls appreciatively. By removing the impact of running, the hydraulic treadmill allowed him to continue his training, retaining his stamina and flexibility while his ankle healed.  Deep Tissue Massage using the hydrotherapy jets helped reduce swelling.

Mark Langan running on the underwater treadmill of an Endless Pool Swim Spa.
When injuries interrupted his Boston Marathon training runs, Mark Langan turned to this Endless Pools underwater treadmill to retain his stamina and flexibility while his body healed. "That helped me greatly,” he recalls appreciatively. By removing the impact of running, the underwater treadmill permits low-impact exercise and rehab for a range of injuries and ailments. Mark is running in the 119th Boston Marathon today.

By Christmas, he’d run a sub-1:30 half-marathon, an impressive time that left him hoping for a three-hour time today. Subsequent injuries have caused him to lessen his expectations a bit.

First, he injured his hip due to his altered stride while overcompensating for the bum ankle. More recently, a freak accident left his foot unable to flex without pain, and this just one day after a successful 20-mile training run; while relaxing on the couch, he’d merely applied pressure to his bare foot against the edge of his coffee table. (‘This is what you get for putting your feet on the table!’ say moms everywhere.)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Andrew Starykowicz: Fighting to Win

Andrew Starykowicz has been a professional triathlete since 2006. With world-record bike splits for the full and half-Ironman distances, he’s earned his status as the fastest cyclist in triathlon. As our guest blogger, he discusses his latest training tool, the Performance Endless Pool® he installed in his basement this winter.

Andrew Starykowicz, professional triathlete and Endless Pools owner.
In the off-season, every athlete adds tools to their arsenal trying to take their training to the next level.  Yoga, Pilates, Insanity, P90X are just some examples of what I have tried in the past.  This off-season, I took it to a whole new level – I installed an Endless Pool.

I first got to experience an Endless Pool at the Philly Tri because there was no place to swim in the days leading into the event.  I found the current to be very similar to open water swimming, more than the time I spent in a traditional pool. 

Now that I am in it full time, I have seamlessly taken my workouts from my book, For Swimmers 365 Main Sets, and adapted them to the Endless Pool. As a result, I’m getting workouts that are a lot more practical to how I race ... not in a 25-yard, not in a 25-meter, not in a 50-meter pool, but in lakes, rivers, and oceans.  I also need to train my body to hold a blistering pace for miles on end, not just 30 seconds and rest 5 seconds as I flip and streamline off the wall.

Andrew Starykowicz and Adam Alper, having just installed Andrew's Performance Endless Pool.
Some Endless Pools are glamorous showpieces skirted in Carrara marble. This Endless Pool, belonging to professional triathlete Andrew Starykowicz (left), is pure efficiency. He uses it for the quality of the swim current, for the at-home convenience, and because, as he puts it, “I support the people who support the sport.” Endless Pools’ own Adam Alper (right) helped install this Performance model in Andrew’s Illinois basement.

Now, the idea of installing one at home started when I calculated how much time is spent driving to the pool, changing, showering, and coming home. 
  • Let's just say it is 10 minutes each way to the pool. 
  • Next is the 10 minutes to get changed, grab your kickboard, and figure out which lane is yours. 
  • After you have to put away your equipment, shower, and by the time you towel off and get dressed, it is another 15 minutes. 
  • Finally the 10-minute drive home.
So the whole process takes 45 minutes, 4 days a week, 45 weeks a year ... That's 135 hours that could be used doing more productive things at home, like fixing a nice dinner for your wife, spending time with family, and taking a nap.  Plus it is never fun when a slower swimmer gets in your lane and futzes up your workout or when the pool is closed for some reason.

Since I have started training in it, I learned that it has become far more valuable than just training my body to swim long.  Using the mirror, I can watch my every stroke and have really been able to practice and appreciate the value of gliding before the catch part of the stroke.  Watching my every move, I have been able to reduce my stroke count while swimming faster. 

Andrew Starykowicz at T1 in 2013 (photo by Ali Elgin)
With his reputation as the fastest cyclist in triathlon, Andrew Starykowicz is often overlooked for his stellar swimming. When swimming for Purdue, he earned a coveted All-American designation. He trains in an Endless Pool because it delivers “workouts that are a lot more practical to how I race ... not in a 25-yard, not in a 25-meter, not in a 50-meter pool, but in lakes, rivers, and oceans.” (Photo ©2013 Ali Engin)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Before & After the Kukals Got an Endless Pool

“The greatest thing we’ve ever done” – that’s Joe Kukal’s assessment of the 15’ Endless Pool® Swim Spa that he and his wife, Pat, installed in their all-season patio room last January. To put that gushing praise into context, you need to understand a little about the Kukals’ recent past.

In 2000, Pat was disabled with back troubles. After that, as she bluntly puts it, “I got bad; I got fat.” Five years later, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Joe’s disability followed two years after that; he had asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He’d soon undergo two back surgeries and separate knee and neck surgeries, which would leave him on three different painkilling pharmaceuticals, three times a day.

“That,” as he now recalls, “was before the pool.”

Before the Pool
When you live in a small town in Pennsylvania’s northern Lehigh Valley, you expect long drives. And that’s what Pat faced, three times a week, to attend water aerobics classes to alleviate her conditions. “She had to travel half an hour to a pool – rain, snow, sleet, or hail,” Joe recalls. Of course, “had to” doesn’t mean she always did. “Up here,” Pat notes of 2014’s record snowfall, “you just don’t travel 20 miles in the winter.”

Regardless of distance, that pool wasn’t satisfactory for Joe. As Pat recalls, it was “too much chlorine, too cold, he couldn’t get into the pool, whatever.”

Joe and Pat Kukal's 15' Endless Pool Swim Spa, installed in their rural Pennsylvania greenhouse.
For Pat and Joe Kukal, installing this Endless Pool Swim Spa in their all-season patio room signaled the end of an era. She no longer had to drive 40 miles round trip for water aerobics. He began to turn his health around with regular swimming and hydrotherapy - no more oxygen to sleep, fewer painkillers, and 20 pounds lost! "We love it!" he says.

“I Feel Much Better”
Since installing their Endless Pool Swim Spa, “she doesn’t have to” travel, Joe notes gratefully. Pat now does at home “everything I was taught in class” plus standing swim strokes against the Endless Pools current.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Swim for MS with Endless Pools

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America's Swim for MS logo
Endless Pools® proudly supports the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) and their Swim for MS initiative.

Supported by four-time Olympic gold medalist and Swim for MS ambassador Missy Franklin, the national initiative has two goals. First, it encourages water-based exercise for people with MS. Second, it invites volunteers to host fundraising events: just plan any swim activity (on your own or with a team), set a challenge goal, and then recruit donations online.

The convenience of at-home swimming makes it easier to complete a Swim for MS fundraising challenge. Since 1988, Endless Pools has delivered the benefits of aquatic therapy and swimming to more than 20,000 homes. Our compact, modular pools fit virtually anywhere, and with full temperature control, they’re ideal for people with MS.

With regular aquatic therapy, people with MS report decreases in pain, increases in mobility, and improved quality of life, plus all the benefits of regular exercise (weight loss, improved cholesterol, lower blood pressure) that they cannot achieve on dry land. In the words of Endless Pool-owner Mary L., from Elkton, Maryland, "When I am in my Endless Pool, I can walk, I can run, I can cross-country ski, I can dance! I feel like I don't have MS!"

As part of the partnership, Endless Pools will donate partial proceeds from the qualified purchase of any Endless Pools swimming machine to support MSAA’s vital services to the MS community. To qualify, new customers should request a free, no-commitment Idea Kit from Endless Pools’ Swim for MS landing page.

With or without an Endless Pool installation or even swimming, your generous donation to MSAA will help them to improve the lives of individuals with MS, their families, and care partners. Just visit the Swim for MS donation page.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Factory-Trained Installer Profile: Pete Wackman, PWE Inc.


Pete Wackman, Endless Pools Factory-Trained Installer, dba PWE, Inc.
We all remember where we were on the morning of September 11, 2001. Pete Wackman was getting ready to install his first Endless Pool® in Denver, 80 miles from home. “I got up early and was drinking coffee, watching the Today show. They thought it was a little private Cessna or something. By the time I got to Denver, both towers were down.”

What did he do? “There was nothing else to do” – he installed the pool, all the while getting updates from his client, who happened to work for a government defense contractor. “She was very helpful and gave me all kinds of information,” he recalls. And he waited for a return phone call from his brother, who sometimes worked at One World Trade Center; fortunately, he happened to be operating from another location that day.

Since then, under drastically less stressful circumstances, Pete (d/b/a PWE, Inc.) has completed over 200 permanent Endless Pool installations, as well as numerous temporary ones for IRONMAN and other events.

While he recognizes that he’s done some “amazingly gorgeous” and “photogenic” installations on some high-end real estate, those aren’t the ones that stand out in his memory. “The majority of my favorite installations aren’t about the locations; it’s the people,” he reflects. He recalls his favorite installation as “one that’s down in a basement. It’s not lavish or anything, but the daughter has a brittle bone disease. She’d broken over 100 bones in her body just walking or rolling over in bed. Swimming was really the only way she could exercise. It was a deal that I’d helped put together, and I discounted a good portion of the install. Her mom was in tears.”

Endless Pool in a home gym; installation by Factory-Trained Installer Pete Wackman.
Textured-stone skirting makes this installation a real standout! Factory-Trained Installer Pete Wackman helped transform this room into a versatile home gym. With this compact Endless Pool, he brought big benefits into otherwise tight quarters.

Endless Pool with island mural; installation by Factory-Trained Installer Pete Wackman.
For this virtual island getaway, Pete installed only the real part – the Endless Pools’ calm waters, adjustable to a swift swim current with the push of a button.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dean Hutchinson's Swim School and PT Business Highlighted in Moorestown Life

Dean Hutchinson, former All-American at Auburn and Olympic trial swimmer, was recently profiled in Moorestown Life. Hutchinson, a physical therapist at Progress Physical Therapy and Swimming Coach at Jersey Wahoos, has used an Endless Pool for both of his passions, providing aquatic therapy and exercise as well as stroke training and analysis.

Below is the article covering the decorated swimmer's journey from talented swimmer, through hardship, and ultimately to his therapy and coaching business.

“Ready – GO!”...An all too familiar sound in our home. Is he trying to hurry up the kids who are perpetually late? Where are we going? Well, it’s an answer to neither. In fact, it’s just part of the daily mantra of Dean Hutchinson, a Moorestown resident, former local, national, and international stand-out swimmer, and current specialist in swim strokes and mechanics. It’s been nearly 14 years since Dean’s last race in the pool, but his desire to train and perfect a swimmer’s stroke remains strong. Simply put – swimming is what Dean knows.

Endless Pool, aquatic therapy, water exercise, swim training, commercial pools
Hutchinson's Endless Pool is used for swim training and physical therapy

Friday, December 27, 2013

Endless Pool Helps Masters Cyclist Thrive

John Platero is a busy man. The founder and owner of Future Fit, Inc., director of the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers, an author and musician, Platero also competed in 95 Masters cycling races in 2013, placing in 27 of them.

The well-respected 55-year old fitness professional has learned to maximize his training and recovery time with the aid of his backyard Endless Pool.

John Platero's backyard Endless Pool swimming pool used for exercise, swimming and rehabilitation.
Platero's Endless Pool offers a beautiful backyard exercise and rehab center

Friday, November 29, 2013

Chesterfield FC adds Endless Pool to Community Hub

The Chesterfield Football Club’s new Community Hub has been a hit with both the team and local community alike.

The Hub, outfitted with an indoor football area, club room, fitness suite, multi-sports room, day care center and learning zones, also features an Endless Pool, equipped with an underwater treadmill. 

aquatic therapy, endless pool, underwater treadmill, athletic training, rehabilitation, water therapy
The adjustable underwater treadmill offers walking, jogging or running in the Endless Pool

Friday, August 30, 2013

ATI Foundation and Mulliganeers Unite to Provide Home Therapy Pool

Erin Kane has already been through a great deal in her young life.

The five year old suffered a series of strokes shortly after her birth that caused several health impairments—including cerebral palsy.

With limited land-based exercise and therapy options, Erin’s swim therapist suggested the family contact the ATI Foundation, as they searched for a way to make daily aquatic therapy a reality.

Ultimately, ATI partnered with a fellow Chicago-based foundation, the Mulliganeers, to raise support for Erin’s home Endless Pool.

An aquatic therapist now visits Erin every week at her home. “Whatever they work on with swim therapy,” said her mother, Kim Kane. “We’re able to follow through with daily.”

“In just six weeks of working in the pool, we have the carryover on land to hold her head up a few minutes at a time. That was only a dream prior to the pool.”

Water therapy in an Endless Pool has long provided a safe, controlled environment for low-impact physical activity. People with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and other conditions are able to improve muscle tone and coordination, while reducing stiffness.

“As a company, we realize the opportunity we have to make a difference for those like Erin,” said Endless Pools Director of Service, Darren Pearse. “Our pools provide a dynamic exercise environment in particular for those with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.”

While many physical therapists offer the benefit of aquatic therapy in their facility, the flexibility of an Endless Pool allows installation at home as well.

For Erin and her family, the convenience has made a huge difference and she lights up when she has the opportunity to use the pool.

“Her favorite activity is to go on her belly and kick against the current,” said Kim. “It was astounding the first time she laughed out loud when she saw the current.”

Her mother is grateful for the ability to help Erin make progress daily at home through her water exercises.

“Together with ATI Foundation and the Mulliganeers, it made our dreams come true.” 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pike PT therapist shares Endless Pool tips and benefits

Rachael Bell, ATC, CSCS, is the Fitness and Pool Manager at Pike Physical Therapy in Dingmans Ferry, PA.  

Bell (center) pictured with part of the Pike PT Fitness Staff

  • Pike PT recently installed a Dual Propulsion Endless Pool complete with an underwater treadmill. Bell shared her experience so far with the pool and the difference it has made at the practice.

We’ve been proactive in marketing our Endless Pool and are uniquely positioned as one of the only facilities in our area to offer aquatic therapy.

A main focus of our efforts is making both existing members and others in the community aware of our addition, and the many ways you can use our Dual Endless Pool for fitness and therapy sessions.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Video of the Week: Endless Pool Water Exercise Session at RBK Pet Resort & Spa

RBK Pet Resort & Spa provides pet water exercise and aquatic therapy in their temperature-controlled Endless Pool for rehabilitating canines. Watch below as 'Queen Annie' doggy paddles in the soothing, non-weight bearing environment of the Endless Pool, a company that offers swimming pools ideal for hydrotherapy for pets as well as their owners    

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pike Physical Therapy Offers Fresh Aquatic Exercise Options with New Endless Pool


Riding the momentum of a successful open house to highlight their state-of-the-art aquatic center, Pike Physical Therapy has been hard at work adding new programs for their Endless Pool.

Owner Donald Hubbard wanted to incorporate a pool into the offerings at Pike PT for years, and found the right match with his new custom Endless Pool Dual Propulsion model.

In the short time since the pool has been introduced, Hubbard and his experienced team of therapists have shown the ability to think outside the box and find creative uses for the swimming pool.

The group has used their Endless Pool as a therapy pool and a fitness pool, in addition to the counter current swimming it provides.

“The pool has allowed us to do so much,” said Fitness Manager Rachael Bell. “It’s expanded our physical therapy capabilities and allows patients to recover faster.”

Variety is on the menu, as sessions range from private to group swim lessons, to open exercise and water aerobics classes. In addition, the unique environment of the Endless Pool allows for underwater treadmill walk and run sessions, pool rental for coaches, aquatic personal training, family swim sessions and even children’s pool parties.

Pike PT can host up to six children in their beginners swimming classes and Group Fitness Instructor Damien Roche can put up to eight adults through their paces in his aqua aerobic workouts.

Swim lessons became popular so quickly that Pike was forced to expand their sessions rather than relegate swimmers to a wait list.

From the young swimmer to the advanced college swimmer - a pair of Hartwick College swimmers showed up to demo the pool at the open house - the temperature controlled pool allows Roche, who handles the majority of swim coaching, to vary the swimming pace and keep the pool comfortable.

Alternatively, Bell and Roche’s hybrid version of CrossFit’s tabata, aptly named ‘aquabata,’ offers an intense aquatic exercise option that has become an instant hit.

While the pool allows for concentrated swimming, running and aerobic workouts, it also provides versatility for the rehabilitating and less advanced patient population.

Those who otherwise struggle to exercise on land have found comfort in the buoyancy of water.

“People who have to walk with canes on land are doing jumping jacks and running in the water,” said Bell. “It’s amazing.”

“The aquatic therapy aspect has really expanded our business.”

From how to swim sessions to water aerobics to pool birthday parties, Pike Physical Therapy has kept their Endless Pool filled daily.

Pike PT has quickly proven that water exercise and aquatic therapy are viable alternatives to land-based options. The opportunity to exercise in a unique, fun and useful way in the temperature-controlled pool has been received with excitement from the clinic’s entire base.


Endless Pools, established in 1988, has served over 20,000 customers in over 80 countries, and offers compact, customizable swimming pools for indoor or outdoor use. With a series of innovative, customizable products, the company has completed commercial pool installations around the world for swimming, water exercise, rehab and aquatic therapy use. Endless Pools, Exercise Spas, and Swim Spas can also be installed at home for daily fitness. Rigorously tested for safety, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, Endless Pools has a product to meet virtually any need.

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