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Monday, June 22, 2015

In Kazakhstan, a Former Olympic Hopeful Trains the Next Generation

Tube Swim Club head coach Alexi Pilipaka and some of his Kazakhstani students
“Swimming for me was like the meaning of life,” recalls Alexey Pilipaka. In 1988, he was among the most promising athletes in the soon-to-collapse U.S.S.R. While the tides of history may have sunk his Olympic dreams, they couldn’t wash away his passion for the sport.

Today, Alexey and his brother, Eugene, are co-head coaches at Tube Swim Club in Almaty, the largest city in what’s now the Republic of Kazakhstan (and a serious contender for the 2022 Olympics). Together, they’ve trained more than 100 athletes, ages 4 to 14, both in a 50m pool and in Tube’s own Elite Endless Pool®.

“My athletes love the Endless Pool workouts,” Alexey told us. With its adjustable current, underwater mirrors, and the video analysis options afforded by in-place swimming, the Endless Pool “greatly improves the swimming technique and athletic skills” of Alexey’s students.

In addition to teaching their youngest club members to swim, Tube also works with older teens on competitive strokes and strategies. “This year, we participated in the Thanyapura Invitational Swim Meet and the Dubai International Aquatics Championships. Pupils of our club collected 15 awards” in total, he proudly reports. Alexey cites Ilya Valyaev, Yana Yerokhina, and his 16-year-old brother, Ivan, as among their most promising.

As an added benefit for young Kazakh swimmers, Tube sponsors a sports scholarship program. Swimming offers the best of them “a great opportunity to get an excellent education in the U.S. We are working on an athletic scholarship in the United States with Sergey Fesenko, son of the legendary Olympic champion Sergey Leonidovich Fesenko. We help talented young swimmers find the right university. … We sent more than 20 athletes to study in the United States.”

Students love the Elite Endless Pool at Tube Swim School, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
"My athletes love the Endless Pool workouts," gushes Alexey Pilipaka, co-head coach at Tube Swim Club in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In addition to competitive training, Tube works to secure athletic scholarships, placing the best students in the best NCAA programs. "We sent more than 20 athletes to study in the United States," he reports proudly.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

LISTEN: the Brownlees Build (and Podcast) their Legacy

At ages 27 and 25, superstar triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee aren’t waiting for retirement to build a lasting legacy. “We want to create a big triathlon centre in Leeds,” declares Alistair, and their Elite Endless Pool® facility “is part of that.”

Aquatread, as they’ve named that facility, has been helping world-class pros and local amateurs since its 2014 soft opening. The 2015 grand opening, documented in this streaming-only podcast, includes extraordinary stories of Aquatread’s almost immediate impact.

Aquatread boasts a winning combination in gifted Head Coach Rhys Davey and their Endless Pool’s swim current. In this podcast, you’ll hear details of these success stories:
  • Runner Adam Peers, who “couldn’t swim at all,” learned in the Endless Pool and “ended up winning” the 2014 Brownlee Triathlon Super Sprint.
  • Olympic triathlete Vicky Holland identified “faults” in her stroke with the Endless Pool’s underwater video and floor mirrors. Though “all quite subtle,” she notes, “they were definitely things to work on.”
  • Novice triathlete Caroline Dixon “hated swimming,” “got nowhere” with conventional swim lessons, but reports “amazing” results from her Aquatread lessons.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

VIDEO: How Megan Gets the MOST out of her Endless Pool

What’s new in Coralville, Iowa? According to this video from ABC-affiliate KCRG, it’s the Elite Endless Pool® in Megan Oesting’s garage.

A USMS record holder and 2009 All-American, Megan earned her Masters Degree in educational measurement and statistics. Then she decided to follow her passion and dedicate herself to another type of education: swim coaching.

Referred to us by three-time Olympic gold medalist Rowdy Gaines, who swims daily in his own Endless Pool, Megan found our Elite to be the perfect solution to offering world-class coaching right from her home. Her Endless Pool has been installed for less than a year, and she’s already making headline news.

While the anchors call the garage installation “unique” and “unusual,” indoor Endless Pools are actually quite common. Our modular design allows all pool components to easily fit through doors and down stairs, so onsite assembly (usually a two-day process) can happen almost anywhere – in basements, sunrooms, living rooms, and yes, even garages.

Megan Oesting Swim Technique (MOST) offers swim instruction and video stroke analysis for all levels, from beginners to competition-level. In-place swimming against the Endless Pools current provides unparalleled opportunities to observe – and fine-tune – a swimmer’s stroke in minute detail.

As one of Megan’s students tells the KCRG reporter, “You can fix what you can’t notice in a normal pool.”

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Swimming to Keep Cornwall’s Flying Paramedics Aloft

The UK’s Cornish peninsula presents some tough challenges to delivering medical care. And our friends at Cornwall Pools know that when the going gets tough, the tough go swimming!

Cornwall, situated on England’s southwestern tip, and the nearby Isles of Scilly have a dispersed population, rugged terrain, isolated communities, and an underdeveloped road network. Traditional land ambulances can’t readily navigate to those in need, so in 1987, locals launched the Cornwall Air Ambulance, the country’s first-of-its-kind service. For over 24,000 missions, the Cornwall Air Ambulance has been delivering the fast and effective emergency medical care that wheels on pavement simply cannot.

This vital service doesn’t come cheaply. The Cornwall Air Ambulance has an annual budget of £2.5 million, none of which comes from government funding or the National Lottery. They depend solely on the generosity of their supporters. And that’s why Cornwall Pools hosted Swimathon 2014.

Over two days, 26 and 27 July, teams swam for 25 minutes each against the Endless Pool® current. In total, they swam the 26-odd miles of a marathon. The donations raised by each team contributed much-needed funds to the Cornwall Air Ambulance. Excellent job, Cornwall!

Participants in the Endless Pool at Cornwall Pools Swimathon 2014, benefiting the Cornwall Air Ambulance.
Swimmers of all ages were welcome to take on the Endless Pools swim current at Cornwall Pools' Swimathon 2014. The event benefited the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

A male swimmer in the Endless Pool at the Cornwall Pools Swimathon 2014, benefiting the Cornwall Air Ambulance.
To navigate the rugged terrain and service their dispersed populations, the people of Cornwall privately fund the Cornwall Air Ambulance. Once such fundraiser, Cornwall Pools' Swimathon 2014, attracted area swimmers to take on their Endless Pool.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

REV3 Comes to Quassy

Quassy Amusement Park is best known for its Wooden Warrior roller coaster. Last weekend, warriors of a different kind came to swim, bike, and run as the REV3 Triathlon Series took over with an Olympic-distance Triathlon, 70.3 Half REV, and opportunities to warm up and train in an Endless Pool.

Located in Middlebury, CT, Quassy offers a tough, hilly course for the main events; in keeping with REV3’s family-friendly ethos, the Saturday afternoon kids’ run took a more level route. Endless Pools continued our support of the series by installing a 14' x 7' Performance Pool, fully equipped for stroke feedback with underwater mirror and cameras. The swift and impressive results swimmers got from the pool surprised even us.

Athletes and spectators watch a test-swim in the Endless Pools Performance model at the REV3 Triathlon at Quassy Amusement Park last weekend.
Though not primarily a spectator sport, this Endless Pool swim drew a crowd of onlookers at last weekend’s REV3 Triathlon at Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, CT. The weekend’s swimmers included many of the top finishers, a septuagenarian, and a quintet of MIT’s self-professed triathlon “nerds.” One swimmer credited the Pool’s feedback with allowing him to shave 2 minutes off his previous personal best!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

REV3 Rush – Richmond Wrap-up

Last weekend, the REV3 triathlon series took over the Richmond International Raceway, and the format – designed for fun-for-all, full-throttle action – was as distinctive as the location.

REV3 Rush is a dynamic, draft-legal race, consisting of a 250-meter swim, 5-mile bike, and a 1.25-mile run. With a variety of event options and a minimum of just two required, REV3 welcomes all ages and all abilities, “from the gym triathlete to the road-versatile pro,” as REV3 President Charlie Patten puts it.

The family-oriented REV3 always schedules plenty of activities to entertain non-participants. At the Raceway, the engagement level benefited from the spectator-friendly set-up: the swims were in two pools at the raceway’s center, the bikes took the track, with the runs in the infield. The eyes in the bleachers stayed sharp, even without the threat of flaming wreckage that the venue normally brandishes.
Even the youngest athletes found uses for the Endless Pool at the REV3 Triathlon at Richmond International Raceway.
A family-friendly pool for a family-friendly triathlon: while the adults and juniors used the Endless Pool to warm up, and its swim mirrors for stroke analysis, the youngest athletes used it to cool off and add to the fun at last weekend’s REV3 at the Richmond International Raceway.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Poconos Charity Swim: Register Today!

What feels better than an invigorating Endless Pool swim? When that swim helps your neighbors in need!

To help their neighbors in need, our friends at Pike Physical Therapy & Fitness Center will host a Swim-a-thon at their Northeastern Pennsylvania facility. Their Dual Propulsion Endless Pool® (and their showers) will be open to participants on Saturday, May 31, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, for this event.

How it works
For a minimum suggested donation of just $20, you can swim against the Endless Pool’s smooth, fully adjustable current for 15 minutes.

Sign up for as many slots as you like, in sequence or with rest periods in between. If your swimming stamina currently outpaces your wallet, then ask family and friends to sponsor a swim!

Call Pike Physical Therapy at 570-686-4300, ext. 2, to reserve your time slot(s).

Pike Physical Therapy's Dual Propulsion Endless Pool
Pike PT's Dual Propulsion Endless Pool will host up to 96 swimmers over 12 hours to benefit two area charities.  A swim as short as 15 minutes can help a local women's shelter and the region's Special Olympics swim team.  Pike PT is now registering swimmers for the May 31st Swim-a-thon.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Endless Pools® Fastlane on display at Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show

Endless Pools will once again join over 400 exhibitors for the 33rd annual Atlantic City Pool and Spa Show at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

The Northeast Spa and Pool Association expects over 11,000 attendees at the event, which runs from January 28-30.

“Each year I look forward to the AC show,” said Endless Pools Wholesale Development Manager Michael Sparacio. “It’s an opportunity for us as a company to show off the development of our products to pool industry professionals as well as anyone willing to stop by and talk.”

Sparacio will be on hand to showcase the Fastlane, which can be added to new or existing traditional pools to add the patented Endless Pool swim current.

In addition, the company offers the Original Endless Pool and Spa Series, both of which can be tailored in a wide range of sizes with a variety of custom features.

Learn more by visiting the Endless Pools Fastlane page or visit Endless Pools at Booth #1337 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Video of the Week: Endless Pool Water Exercise Session at RBK Pet Resort & Spa

RBK Pet Resort & Spa provides pet water exercise and aquatic therapy in their temperature-controlled Endless Pool for rehabilitating canines. Watch below as 'Queen Annie' doggy paddles in the soothing, non-weight bearing environment of the Endless Pool, a company that offers swimming pools ideal for hydrotherapy for pets as well as their owners    

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pike Physical Therapy Offers Fresh Aquatic Exercise Options with New Endless Pool


Riding the momentum of a successful open house to highlight their state-of-the-art aquatic center, Pike Physical Therapy has been hard at work adding new programs for their Endless Pool.

Owner Donald Hubbard wanted to incorporate a pool into the offerings at Pike PT for years, and found the right match with his new custom Endless Pool Dual Propulsion model.

In the short time since the pool has been introduced, Hubbard and his experienced team of therapists have shown the ability to think outside the box and find creative uses for the swimming pool.

The group has used their Endless Pool as a therapy pool and a fitness pool, in addition to the counter current swimming it provides.

“The pool has allowed us to do so much,” said Fitness Manager Rachael Bell. “It’s expanded our physical therapy capabilities and allows patients to recover faster.”

Variety is on the menu, as sessions range from private to group swim lessons, to open exercise and water aerobics classes. In addition, the unique environment of the Endless Pool allows for underwater treadmill walk and run sessions, pool rental for coaches, aquatic personal training, family swim sessions and even children’s pool parties.

Pike PT can host up to six children in their beginners swimming classes and Group Fitness Instructor Damien Roche can put up to eight adults through their paces in his aqua aerobic workouts.

Swim lessons became popular so quickly that Pike was forced to expand their sessions rather than relegate swimmers to a wait list.

From the young swimmer to the advanced college swimmer - a pair of Hartwick College swimmers showed up to demo the pool at the open house - the temperature controlled pool allows Roche, who handles the majority of swim coaching, to vary the swimming pace and keep the pool comfortable.

Alternatively, Bell and Roche’s hybrid version of CrossFit’s tabata, aptly named ‘aquabata,’ offers an intense aquatic exercise option that has become an instant hit.

While the pool allows for concentrated swimming, running and aerobic workouts, it also provides versatility for the rehabilitating and less advanced patient population.

Those who otherwise struggle to exercise on land have found comfort in the buoyancy of water.

“People who have to walk with canes on land are doing jumping jacks and running in the water,” said Bell. “It’s amazing.”

“The aquatic therapy aspect has really expanded our business.”

From how to swim sessions to water aerobics to pool birthday parties, Pike Physical Therapy has kept their Endless Pool filled daily.

Pike PT has quickly proven that water exercise and aquatic therapy are viable alternatives to land-based options. The opportunity to exercise in a unique, fun and useful way in the temperature-controlled pool has been received with excitement from the clinic’s entire base.


Endless Pools, established in 1988, has served over 20,000 customers in over 80 countries, and offers compact, customizable swimming pools for indoor or outdoor use. With a series of innovative, customizable products, the company has completed commercial pool installations around the world for swimming, water exercise, rehab and aquatic therapy use. Endless Pools, Exercise Spas, and Swim Spas can also be installed at home for daily fitness. Rigorously tested for safety, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, Endless Pools has a product to meet virtually any need.

For more information, visit

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Endless Pools Presenting Elite Model at Las Vegas Health and Fitness Convention


Endless Pools will attend the 2013 International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Convention and Trade Show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, from March 19-22.

The company will bring their premier pool, the Endless Pool Elite, for visitors to observe and take for a test swim.

With thousands of attendees expected to flow through the doors of Mandalay Bay, Commercial Sales Manager John Satir is excited to show how the Endless Pool can transform a PT Clinic or Fitness Center.

“Endless Pools provide an ideal opportunity to offer swimming in compact spaces. Not only can they be used for swimming, but for water exercise and aquatic therapy as well,” said Satir.

As swim schools and fitness clubs around the country find success with the Endless Pool, the market continues to grow for swim technique training for young swimmers, to college swimmers, to age group swimmers, to triathletes, to Olympians.

The Endless Pool is ideal for anyone learning how to swim, or trying to take his or her technique to the next level with one on one teaching.

Underwater mirrors and video analysis tools can be easily incorporated into the Endless Pools configuration, taking analysis to the next level with instant feedback. 
Competitive swimmers can shave valuable seconds off their times with technique correction and practice, while anyone can learn the proper stroke proficiency for lifelong swimming exercise.

In addition, the benefits of water exercise are a life changer for many who are unable to deal with heavy weights and high impact pressure on land.

An underwater treadmill, which can provide variable speed aquatic walking, jogging or running, can be added to any Endless Pool. Through the buoyancy of water, this can cut stress and strain on knees and back, allowing runners to get work in without the pounding of the pavement.

Because of their modular construction, Endless Pools offer the opportunity for installation in both new and existing spaces. Satir recommends the Endless Pool as a perfect renovation opportunity.

“Some fitness centers are stuck with dead space. For example, consider a non-revenue generating racquetball court that gets minimal use. That space can be transformed into a source of revenue with Endless Pools and a new, compact aquatic center.”

With a variety of sizes, depths and features in each of their commercial offerings, Endless Pools has a fit for any environment, indoors or outside, at home or in a commercial facility.

Once installed, the opportunities for growth are abundant as the new aquatic environment has broad appeal for young and old alike.

An aquatic center can offer an excellent return on investment, and with Endless Pools’ personalized Marketing Assistance, businesses can move forward with a plan for growth and profitability.


Endless Pools, established in 1988, has served over 20,000 customers in over 80 countries, and offers compact, customizable pools for indoor or outdoor use. Their professional level Elite Model provides a sub :50/100 yard pace for the fastest swimmers. With a series of innovative, customizable products, the company has completed commercial installations around the world for swimming, water exercise, rehab and aquatic therapy use. Rigorously tested for safety, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, Endless Pools has a product to meet virtually any need.

For more information, visit or contact Rob Shaeffer at 610-497-8676.
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