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Showing posts with label lap pool. Show all posts

Thursday, October 13, 2016

PHOTOS: 5 Knockout Endless Pools

The Endless Pools® swimming machine adapts to any aesthetic, and these recent photographs prove it!

Our signature current lets you swim in place in your family room, garden, deck, barn ... just about anywhere. Take a look at how these five homeowners integrated their Endless Pools into their homes and their lifestyles.

inground Original Endless Pool in Cleveland, Tennessee
This inground Endless Pools adds healthy versatility to this eclectic family room. The rails at poolside and on the exposed wood beam make the pool accessible for fitness, aquatic therapy, and rehab. With fireside seating, timeless rustic touches, and a state-of-the-art fitness and leisure pool, there's something for everyone here!

partially inground Performance Endless Pool in Houston, Texas
This partially in-ground Performance Endless Pool gives you a better swim than a traditional pool while still leaving plenty of room for gardening, trees, and entertaining. The pool's modular design easily adapts to the clean, modern lines of this garden. Even in a compact yard, you can have everything you need for family fun and fitness ... even a place for your rubber duck!

aboveground Original Endless Pool in Southold, New York
Thanks to some outside-the-box thinking, this Original Endless Pool® is skirted in cedar shake. The shingles add more than just a warm, rustic feel; they're also durable, moisture- and insect-resistant, and naturally insulating to control water-heating costs. The below-deck security cover, once closed, will also contain heat and prevent evaporation.

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Week in Swimming

members of Golden Road Aquatics
Download the latest Swimcerely with Spindrift podcast to hear Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary discuss his swimming career and his budding new career in a very different sport. (iTunes)

Can zombies swim? After the question was raised in the recent Fear the Walking Dead season 2 trailer, the producer of the hit AMC show has officially answered. (Complex)

Through their Make a Splash program, the USA Swimming Foundation gave 52 grants totaling $300,000 to help kids in need learn to swim. (Swim Swam)

Tri swimming coach Annie Oberlin-Harris shares tips to fix 9 common triathlon swim mistakes. (220 Triathlon)

Our partners at U.S. Masters Swimming announced a new line of sports drinks formulated specifically to meet the needs of Masters swimmers.

In this inspiring personal essay, one swimmer recounts how she learned to love swimming laps. (Life Hacker)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lap Pool + 61’ of Extra Space = Endless Pool

“A money pit” – that’s how Paul L. describes his old lap pool. At a whopping 12’x75’, it dominated the 85’ pool house on his Rhode Island home. To slash maintenance and energy expenses, free up about 80% of the floor space, and still swim four times a week, he recently replaced the lap pool with a 7’x14’ Performance Endless Pool®.

When he first contacted us, Paul complained that the existing lap pool used “a huge amount of energy. This makes it impractical, and combined with the complexity of the pool infrastructure (circulation, filtration, HVAC) there is way too much to manage.”

By comparison, the Endless Pool “buys me a 1000-sq.ft. room while preserving my swimming capability [and] reducing my operating costs and maintenance headache.” That particular headache required both his wife and a for-hire pool contractor. “Honestly, after managing a 30,000-gallon indoor pool, I think the Endless Pool will be a complete after-thought.  Managing this pool in this space will be nothing.”

Before: Paul's pool house with the old 75' lap pool.
What would you do with the additional room when you replace this space-hogging lap pool…

After: Paul's pool house with the new 14' Endless Pool.
…with this compact Endless Pool? Paul L. plans a “TV/exercise/recreation area” for the newly available 61 feet in his Rhode Island pool house. The Endless Pool requires about a tenth of the water of his old lap pool, using drastically less energy to heat and maintain. Plus, it eliminates lap turns from his regular swims!

The space was clearly designed for the lap pool. “The HVAC system in this room could dry out Lake Superior,” Paul notes dryly. A securely covered Endless Pool, on the other hand, typically requires a standard household dehumidifier or bathroom ventilator to successfully control humidity; that’ll deliver a significant savings to his energy bills!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Video of the Day: Winter Swimming in the Endless Pool


To learn more about year-round swimming, in rain, sleet, snow or sunshine, visit

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Couple Chooses Endless Pool for Energy Efficient Home

Jim Iden and Vangie Samora’s desire for sustainability and efficiency led them to make several innovative design choices for their new home.

In researching exercise options, Iden—a long-time lap swimmer—found the Endless Pool.

The couple’s home features 28 solar panels that generate enough power for the entire home, swimming pool included.

endless pool, indoor pool, high efficiency pool, custom pool, swim current
Indoor, energy efficient swimming becomes a reality with the Endless Pool

Friday, October 11, 2013

Jason Malick Attacks 20 Mile Catalina Channel Swim

At its shortest distance, the Catalina Channel is just over 20 miles in length and water temperature can vary greatly.

It's an endurance swim that most will never tackle.

Jason Malick, an accomplished open water swimmer and Endless Pools customer support specialist, chose to rise to the challenge, embarking on the swim off the shores of California Friday, October 11. 

Jason Malick set his sights on the Catalina Channel after a 22.5 mile New Jersey swim

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Comparing the Saltwater Pool System to the Endless Pool UV Purification System

Over the last 25 years, we’ve seen swimming trends come and go and we’ve made certain to commit ourselves to the highest long-term standards in the swimming pool and spa industry. 

The technology we have developed during that timeframe has allowed us to improve our Nature2 copper/silver purification system to the point that our pools now require less parts per million of chlorine than standard drinking water.

While in theory, Saltwater Pools are a fine idea, there are several obstacles that keep this type of system from being the ideal solution for your Endless Pool.

Saltwater Pool Systems...

  • Use chlorine, albeit in lower concentration than a standard chlorinated pool
  • Involve a greater upfront cost, as well as higher cost for replacement parts
  • Can produce buildup and corrosion over time
  • Sanitize water, reducing the level of microorganisms to safe levels, but typically do not feature the ability to oxidize contaminants such as body oil, perspiration, urine and sunscreen
  • Require more upkeep, maintenance and monitoring

Endless Pools offer...

  • A super efficient 120 watt pump with an ultra-violet water purifier, which keeps your pool sparkling clean with a minimum of chemicals
  • Simple upkeep—just half a cup of Clorox bleach a few times a week makes for crystal clear water
  • A Nature2 copper/silver purification system that greatly reduces the need for chlorine, decreasing the smell and effects of chemicals, while providing a source of automatic sanitization
  • Consistently safe water levels that will keep your pool sparkling clean
  • Ease of use—monitoring your compact pool or spa couldn’t be easier with our simple system and lifetime customer support

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pike Physical Therapy Offers Fresh Aquatic Exercise Options with New Endless Pool


Riding the momentum of a successful open house to highlight their state-of-the-art aquatic center, Pike Physical Therapy has been hard at work adding new programs for their Endless Pool.

Owner Donald Hubbard wanted to incorporate a pool into the offerings at Pike PT for years, and found the right match with his new custom Endless Pool Dual Propulsion model.

In the short time since the pool has been introduced, Hubbard and his experienced team of therapists have shown the ability to think outside the box and find creative uses for the swimming pool.

The group has used their Endless Pool as a therapy pool and a fitness pool, in addition to the counter current swimming it provides.

“The pool has allowed us to do so much,” said Fitness Manager Rachael Bell. “It’s expanded our physical therapy capabilities and allows patients to recover faster.”

Variety is on the menu, as sessions range from private to group swim lessons, to open exercise and water aerobics classes. In addition, the unique environment of the Endless Pool allows for underwater treadmill walk and run sessions, pool rental for coaches, aquatic personal training, family swim sessions and even children’s pool parties.

Pike PT can host up to six children in their beginners swimming classes and Group Fitness Instructor Damien Roche can put up to eight adults through their paces in his aqua aerobic workouts.

Swim lessons became popular so quickly that Pike was forced to expand their sessions rather than relegate swimmers to a wait list.

From the young swimmer to the advanced college swimmer - a pair of Hartwick College swimmers showed up to demo the pool at the open house - the temperature controlled pool allows Roche, who handles the majority of swim coaching, to vary the swimming pace and keep the pool comfortable.

Alternatively, Bell and Roche’s hybrid version of CrossFit’s tabata, aptly named ‘aquabata,’ offers an intense aquatic exercise option that has become an instant hit.

While the pool allows for concentrated swimming, running and aerobic workouts, it also provides versatility for the rehabilitating and less advanced patient population.

Those who otherwise struggle to exercise on land have found comfort in the buoyancy of water.

“People who have to walk with canes on land are doing jumping jacks and running in the water,” said Bell. “It’s amazing.”

“The aquatic therapy aspect has really expanded our business.”

From how to swim sessions to water aerobics to pool birthday parties, Pike Physical Therapy has kept their Endless Pool filled daily.

Pike PT has quickly proven that water exercise and aquatic therapy are viable alternatives to land-based options. The opportunity to exercise in a unique, fun and useful way in the temperature-controlled pool has been received with excitement from the clinic’s entire base.


Endless Pools, established in 1988, has served over 20,000 customers in over 80 countries, and offers compact, customizable swimming pools for indoor or outdoor use. With a series of innovative, customizable products, the company has completed commercial pool installations around the world for swimming, water exercise, rehab and aquatic therapy use. Endless Pools, Exercise Spas, and Swim Spas can also be installed at home for daily fitness. Rigorously tested for safety, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, Endless Pools has a product to meet virtually any need.

For more information, visit

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Friends Central Hosts Coaching Clinic in New Elite Endless Pool


Friends Central Aquatic swim coach Iain Anderson was able to break in the school’s new Elite Model Endless Pool with some assistance from acclaimed swim teacher Glenn Mills.

Anderson and his FCA Phoenix swim team welcomed Mills for drill and video instruction, while learning how their innovative new pool could make them smarter, faster swimmers.

Coach Mills and Coach Anderson watched intently as several FCA swimmers took their turn in the Endless Pool, offering tips and technique corrections along the way.

The pool was outfitted with underwater cameras, as well as underwater and overhead mirrors to assist their training, offering real-time feedback to both coach and swimmer.

“We want to be able to expose kids to seeing themselves evaluated and deconstructed,” said Anderson. “Learning how to process changes afterwards will be invaluable.”

Mills, a qualifier for the 1980 Olympics and a Congressional Gold Medal winner, as well as the Masters world record holder in two breaststroke events, offered invaluable advice to each swimmer.

The coach has taught swimming in an Endless Pool for over 12 years, and believes that the swim current provides the ideal static environment for teaching anyone—from beginners to elite level athletes—how to swim with improved technique.

“I can generally tell whether a swimmer is ‘getting it’ or not in just one stroke cycle,” said Mills. It might take 15 or 20 stroke cycles to complete a lap of the pool. This means a lot of valuable teaching time is lost in a standard pool, and the swimmer is often practicing incorrectly for an entire lap. Not so with the Endless Pool.”

Anderson echoed Mills’ excitement after watching the quick adjustments made possible by the instant feedback of the Endless Pool.

“The opportunity to contain swimmers in the Endless Pool so that they can work on the micro and macro parts of their stroke will help us maximize time,” said Anderson. “We’ll get to do a lot more one on one instruction.”

The FCA boys program, which has earned 10 consecutive league titles, and the girls, who have captured 8 straight league championships, intend to compete at an even higher level going forward.

The groundwork has been laid by Anderson, and with the success of collegiate programs such as Auburn, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Indiana that have incorporated the Endless Pool Elite in their training, FCA should be able to create even further separation from the high school competition.


Endless Pools, established in 1988, has served over 20,000 customers in over 80 countries, and offers compact, customizable pools for indoor or outdoor use. Their professional level Elite Model provides a sub :50/100 yard pace for the fastest swimmers. With a series of innovative, customizable products, the company has completed commercial installations around the world for swimming, water exercise and aquatic therapy use. Rigorously tested for safety, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, Endless Pools has a product to meet virtually any need.

For more information, visit
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