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Showing posts with label swim training. Show all posts

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Join Endless Pools at the USMS Summer Nationals

The 2017 U.S. Masters Swimming Summer Nationals just kicked off. This year, attendees can take free test swims in the Elite Endless Pool® on the pool deck!

The Elite Endless Pool features our smoothest, most versatile swim current – it maxes out at a pace equivalent to :51/100 yards! With over 50 speed settings, swimmers can also take it down to a gentler pace for warm-ups or cool-downs.

The Elite Endless Pool on the deck of the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center in Minneapolis
You can try this Elite Endless Pool starting Friday this week! The U.S. Masters Swimming Summer Nationals are taking place through this Sunday, August 6, at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center in Minneapolis. To reserve a time for a test swim, please call Endless Pools at 877-900-7820.

The top-of-the-line Endless Pool, the Elite is the model found on university pool decks around the country and at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado. It's the swim-in-place pool of choice for great swimmers and swimmers who aspire to greatness!

If you're not attending, you can catch all the action via live streams on the U.S. Masters Swimming website. Endless Pools is a proud sponsor of U.S. Masters Swimming.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Razorbacks Coach Harper Learns the Perks of Being "Elite"

Head Coach Neil Harper and one of his Arkansas Razorbacks swimmers
"'Will you come and watch my stroke?'" That's what Head Coach Neil Harper reports hearing from the women of the Razorbacks swim team. It's his first season at the University of Arkansas, and among other new experiences, he's getting used to swimmers who want to refine their technique in the Elite Endless Pool.

"It's taken me a little to get used to," he acknowledges. Already, though, he's seen that "it's definitely been a big benefit for us."

Everyday Benefits

"The best way we utilize the Endless Pool is obviously one on one," he observes. "The women just like to watch their technique and pull underwater."

In their Elite Endless Pool, the Razorbacks work on "recovery with the mirror and really work on some self-awareness; it's been a benefit there.

"If you stand alongside the Endless Pool, you can actually touch the swimmer," he observes. "As they're [working on their] breathing, you're not a stick figure at the side of the pool. The communication is better.

"Whenever you need, you don't need to clear a lane. You can be real close to them. It's been very helpful."

A video posted by Razorback Swimming & Diving (@razorbackswimdive) on
The Most Common Errors
Coach Harper, who brings 23 years of collegiate coaching experience to Fayetteville, reports that he uses the Endless Pool most often to correct breaststroke timing and freestyle hand-entry.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

5 Reasons this Ultrawoman Loves her Endless Pool

Ultraman triathlete Linda H. in her home Endless Pool
"You can swim until the day you die. You can't run until the day you die. Swimming is so easy on your body." That's the line of reasoning that Linda H.'s husband used to convince her to get an Endless Pool®.

That was in 2010, when she'd only been racing triathlons for a few years. She wasn't certain that she'd stick with multisport, but she's now glad they made the investment. "I really, really love the pool," she says from her Nevada home. "It's done more for me than I imagined."

From Running to Triathlon
"I started doing triathlon about 10 or 12 years ago," she recalls. "All my friends run. I was afraid it was going to tear my body up. I was already having joint pain. I started doing triathlon to get endurance without beating myself up" from the high-impact pounding of running, by incorporating low-impact cycling and swimming.

In 2010, she completed her first IRONMAN® triathlon, crossing the finish line in under 14-1/2 hours. "I've never been fast," she admits to explain why she focuses on endurance training.

That year, she was lucky enough to make it to the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, gaining entry with her first lottery. It was at the event's expo that she first tried the Endless Pool®.

Just a simple garage setting for a world-class training pool: that's all that Linda needs to do some serious Endless Pools training for the three-day, 320-mile Ultraman triathlon. "I really, really love the pool," she enthuses. "It's done more for me than I imagined!"

Tri Training at Home
"I was a terrible swimmer," Linda confesses. Initially, she couldn't even put her face under water. "I could not possibly have trained without my Endless Pool."

"I wanted to train up to four and a half hours" for Ultraman events, a series of three-day, 320-mile triathlons that kick off with a 10-km swim. "I don't know of any pool within any reasonable distance where I could swim long enough to see my time in a 10K," says Linda.

"Normally, I swam an hour at a time" in the public pool because that was the maximum allowed; once she had her Endless Pool installed, she could push her limits. "I started adding 5 minutes a week to a long swim."

5 Reasons to Swim at Home
1. Convenience: "I love it because I can go any darn time I want to! Right now, we have a foot to a foot and a half of snow outside, and I'd have to drive 15 miles to the nearest pool."

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Swim Faster with the SwimSmooth & Endless Pools Video Series

Swim Smooth Founder and Head Coach Paul Newsome
Internationally acclaimed swim coach Paul Newsome just kicked off a series of stroke training videos from his backyard pool. The first five videos in a planned series of 25 are now available on the Endless Pools YouTube channel.

Newsome is the Founder and Head Coach of Swim Smooth, the methodology designed to improve your efficiency in the water and maximize your training time. The Swim Smooth instruction system has been utilized by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and in 119 countries.

The videos benefit from the fully adjustable swim current of the Endless Pools Fastlane®. The Fastlane mounts to the deck or wall of almost any traditional pool. With Endless Pools' in-place swimming capability, you can monitor your own stroke, either in real time using our underwater mirrors or with video for review after.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

David Adams: Helping Swimmers Feel at One with the Water

Swim instructor Dave Adams in the Original Endless Pool at Wave Cloud Swim School
“I don’t try to swim anywhere; the end of the pool comes to me. You get in a state of oneness. It sounds totally crazy! I try to get to the highest state of consciousness through swimming. I become the center, and everything moves around me. … Do you know what I mean?”

Well, do you? Surfer/swim coach David Adams may not provide your run-of-the-mill swim instruction. (“My approach is quite unique,” he insists. “I’m fairly certain I’m the only one in the world doing it this way.”) But at his Endless Pools® training facility, Wave Cloud Swim School, he gets results.

The Triathlete Who Couldn’t Swim
“The first time he put his face in water was in the Endless Pool in my house,” Adams says of Dan, a swimming student. Adams finds that the Endless Pool makes an approachable introduction. “It’s not a big, intimidating pool.”

“We start with basics: floating, breathing,” he recalls. “For every action, there’s a breath that goes with it.” All seemed on track with Adams’ organic approach until, as he recalls, Dan told him, “‘I have a triathlon in four weeks.’”

Adams felt confident that he could prepare Dan for his first open-water swim. “The Endless Pool gets them used to the current. They already know what to expect. It’s a truly amazing tool. I just love it!”

“His first time out [in the open water] and he’s swimming across the river. He’s so focused on his breath. It was the first time he’s ever not able to touch the bottom. Literally, after eight or nine hours of swimming in the Endless Pool!”

Mr. Universe Used to Sink
Not all of Adams’ students approach swimming quite like he does. His clientele includes people he describes as “all gym-ified. They want to go quickly. I tell them what we’re doing is more like ballet than football. It’s not a sport.”

Perhaps his most ‘gym-ified’ client is a former Mr. Universe. “He’s never been able to swim,” reports Adams. “He’s a bit embarrassed.”

So how do you teach someone who has the opposite of a ‘swimmer’s build’? Adams quickly decided that freestyle was not the correct approach.

“He’s not able to get enough purchase with his forearms. … We’re going straight to butterfly purely because he’s a bit like a dolphin: just pure muscle – and he doesn’t float!”

Of course, that was before he worked with Adams in the Endless Pool. By now, expect that Mr. Universe feels at one with the water.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Passion Fit Student Profile: Christine’s Active Retirement

the logo for Passion Fit, Tom Ward's triathlon coaching studio
When swim coach Tom Ward first met Christine, “she could only manage about four strokes of front crawl before holding her sides in pain.” He asked himself how long the 61-year-old newcomer would last. To his surprise, Christine bought 20 sessions up front.

“I always wanted to have proper stroke lessons,” Christine reflects, but she’d had difficulty making time for it. “You’re always working if you’re a teacher,” she notes dryly. Now a retiree, she trains regularly with Tom in the Endless Pool® at his studio, Passion Fit.

“I was very keen in improve, and I’ve got the time now,” she says matter-of-factly. “I’ve made a big improvement.”

The Weekly Sessions

“When we first started,” Coach Tom recalls, “she found it so difficult, stuff that was very fundamental. … The progress she made is absolutely phenomenal. Seven weeks on, she can now swim up to an hour in the Endless Pool!”

Christine gives Tom some of the credit for her progress. “Tom is a very good teacher. He’s very enthusiastic, but also he’s quite patient.” She also credits his Performance Endless Pool. “It’s extremely good,” she declares.

Perhaps most useful, she finds, is the underwater video recording, which is simple to do when you’re swimming in place in the Endless Pool. “He can take pictures from front and side on his iPad. So you can see your own faults,” she says. “It’s easier to correct.

“It’s very technical. You get better quite quickly.” For instance, “I was putting my hands in front of my body, which I was completely unaware of. I had kind of a flick when my wrists came up. So I’m working on keeping my hands straight.”

Christine in the Performance Endless Pool at Tom Ward's training studio, Passion Fit
When retiree Christine first attempted to swim in Coach Tom Ward's Endless Pool, his expectations were low. To his surprise, she immediately paid for 20 sessions. "The progress she made is absolutely phenomenal," he now reports. Christine has noticed her own "tremendous progress" as well as compliments from other swimmers and the ability to run up stairs without feeling "breathless."

The Breakthrough
“In one Endless Pool session, she made an absolutely phenomenal progress in that one hour,” Tom gushes. When I mention this to Christine later, she immediately knows which session Tom meant.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

“140.6, Baby!” or How Rod S. Got in the Fastlane

Rod S., triathlete and Endless Pools Fastlane Sweepstakes winner
“It’s one of the things on my bucket list” Rod S. explains, and it’s the only explanation needed. Three years ago, he’d never entered a triathlon. This year, he’s registered for his first full-length IRONMAN®, a grueling 140.6 miles. Lucky for him, his training for the 2.4-mile swim leg just got easier: he’s the winner of last year’s Endless Pools Fastlane® Sweepstakes.

“Until the Endless Pool, it had been two days a week,” which was all the lane access that he and his tri club could get at their municipal rec center, and that was just a 50m pool. “You hit the end of the wall, have to turn around; it seems like you get six or seven strokes in, and you’re ready to flip and head back.”

The Fastlane swim-current generator is a big step forward, in his assessment. “It is the best thing to simulate the open water swimming experience. You have the current pulling against you that you really have to work against, which doesn’t allow you to slack off.

“I’m able to just get in the stream and work on form, work on technique, and have that invaluable experience where you just can sit there for 45 minutes to an hour working on your stroke. You can change your hand angle, your arm angle – you can work on moving your head down a little more, see how that brings the legs up – really fine-tune that body position that you just can’t get, even with the longer 50m format at the Rec Center.”

Triathlete Rod S. with the Endless Pools Fastlane installed in his backyard pool.
As Rod prepares for his first full IRONMAN triathlon, he’s taken to training with the Endless Pools Fastlane swim-current generator. Along with an electrician friend, he installed the deck-mount model on his existing freeform pool. “The installation went very smoothly,” he recalls. “Everything was clearly labeled, the diagrams were easy to follow. It was very easy.”

The Fastlane vs. Jetted Currents
He’d previously trained against a jetted current, but that had its limitations. “You have three choices: one pump, two pumps or three pumps. You don’t have any real variability.” By contrast, the Fastlane has 52 speed settings.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Guest Blogger: "Improving My Technique"

Patrick Smith is a PR executive and family man who has been documenting his fitness and weight-loss efforts on his 1,000 kms to Windermere blog. Named for his twin goals -- completing 1,000 km of combined exercise per year, and swimming the UK's Lake Windermere -- the blog continues now that he's achieved both! This recent post covers his swim progress with Coach Ray Gibbs in the Endless Pool® at Swim Canary Wharf. Our thanks to Patrick for permitting us to re-run this and to Ray for the video.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve started to see a technique coach who will hopefully make me a smoother and stronger (and therefore quicker) swimmer. My plan is to focus on technique over the winter, plus running, so I can come back in the summer as a better swimmer.

I’m using the excellent Ray Gibbs of Swim Canary Wharf to help me, and I had my first session a couple of weeks ago. Ray is great as he is really enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, but yet able to deliver the information in an easy-to-understand way. You swim in his Endless Pool®, and he films you swimming from a number of different angles – highlighting areas you can work on. He then gives you drills that will help you to work on those areas, and you need to go away and practice them yourself.

Monday, August 4, 2014

100 Countries (and Counting)

A home in Kenya recently got a new addition: an Endless Pools Fastlane swim-current generator. This installation makes the East African republic the 100th country to have an Endless Pool!

Since 1988, Endless Pools has sold pools to customers from Antiqua to Vietnam (nothing in Zimbabwe … yet). More than 20,000 Endless Pool products now help people to stay fit, relax, rehab, and have fun.

Check out this brief video, sent by the owner of our Kenyan installation. His son dreams of Olympic glory, and given the technique he displays here – plus his ability to refine his stroke, thanks to the Endless Pool's instant feedback – we're optimistic about his chances!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WATCH: a Swim Lesson with Olympic Gold Medalist Alyssa Anderson

Back in April, we covered the Enhanced Private Lesson that 13-year-old Andrew Li won with Olympic gold medalist Alyssa Anderson.  As part of the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour, presented by, Andrew got some one-on-one instruction from Alyssa in our Endless Pool Elite.

Andrew felt that he learned a lot in just that one session. “You can see yourself from angles that you’ve never seen … swimming in a regular pool. And you can look at yourself in the mirror at the bottom of the pool, so you can correct yourself as you swim.”

Alyssa also had praise for the Elite's “instant feedback. You’re able to see on the TV screen, you’re able to see in the mirrors below and above you. I saw things that I’ve never seen before in my long career of swimming. I think Endless Pools has it right.”

Thanks to the team at Fitter and Faster, we have this video from that Lesson.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Watch a Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Train a TV Star for an Open Water Swim

How good is an Endless Pool for swim training? It’s the pool that two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Rebecca Adlington chose to train British TV star Jason Done for his upcoming open-water charity swim.

Jason, better known as schoolteacher Tom Clarkson on BBC One’s Waterloo Road, is prepping for the one-mile Great Manchester Swim to raise funds for Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity. Adlington, who won two Gold Medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, gave him some pointers in the Endless Pool Elite at Royles, one of the UK's premier independent Triathlon retailers.

Monday, May 19, 2014

“My Mind’s a Movie Theatre”: Katie Benoit on the Mental Aspect of UltraSwimming

Swimming the Oceans Seven is more than just a physical challenge; it’s a mental one too. We asked open water swimmer, full-time police officer, and mom Katie Benoit about her mental training. It’s worth noting that she swims with extra determination as her major swims are dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Here’s what she had to share:

I can't think of any question that I am being asked more often than, "What do you think about when you are out there for all that time swimming?" My short answer is, "My mind's a movie theatre."

I am a firm believer that most of our outcomes are primarily determined in our mind. What I mean by that is that I need to develop the firm belief that the swim is possible. Depending on what challenges are ahead, that task goes hand in hand with the daily training.

For example, I don't only condition my body for the cold water and for endurance swimming, but I also work on accepting the conditions I will be facing. I utilize visualization in training. I may be freezing in my Endless Pool [Ed. Note: she keeps it at 59° in preparation for her next swim; it can be set to a high of 92°], but as I am doing so, I visualize the coast of Scotland. It really goes beyond just thinking of the image. I try to imagine what it would feel like to finish. I imagine the relief, the euphoria, and really try to live the experience. This type of mental training happens in passing almost daily as I am swimming.

Open water swimmer Katie Benoit 4 hours into her successful English Channel swim
What's Katie Benoit thinking here, in 2012, about 4 hours into her successful English Channel swim? Maybe she was visualizing her emergence onto the coast of Scotland. Maybe she was thinking about the sacrifices of her support circle. Or maybe she was just singing a song in her head.

A certain level of dissociation can also help you push through some physical discomfort. I have spent roughly 23 years swimming, and even as a high school swimmer, I learned to entertain myself while swimming. I'd sing songs in my mind, study vocabulary, recall a movie, and so forth.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Katie Benoit Trains to Aid SOWF in Pursuit of Her Open Water Goals

I have noticed an increase in core stability and core strength since beginning to train in the Endless Pool. The current really forces you to focus on streamlining and laying "high and flat" on the water. I feel like the Endless Pool has helped me focus on stroke efficiency, gliding, and a high body position. 

The pool provides immediate feedback for different training routines. I believe a good initial focus is to keep the pace steady and to learn how to swim with less and less effort at the same pace for at least part of my practice. The mirror on the bottom is also a great tool to check if my arms enter at shoulder width and pull all the way through.

I like swimming with a Freestyle snorkel and watching my stroke in the mirror. It's fun and really helps to feel what a good body position in the water is. I also play with the pull buoy. I found that pulling is much harder in the Endless Pool, really demanding on the core. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Katie Benoit trains for Ocean's Seven in Endless Pool

Katie Benoit is an open-water swimmer with a goal of conquering the Ocean’s Seven, a feat achieved by only four swimmers to date. 

The gauntlet includes: the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland, the Cook Strait between the North and South Islands of New Zealand, the Molokai Channel between Oahu and Molokai in Hawaii, the English Channel between England and France, the Catalina Channel between Catalina Island and Southern California, the Tsugaru Channel between the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan and the Strait of Gibraltar between Europe and Africa.

Open water swimmer Katie Benoit swim trains in the Endless Pool in preparation for the Irish Channel.
Benoit will prepare for her final four challenges in the Endless Pool

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dean Hutchinson's Swim School and PT Business Highlighted in Moorestown Life

Dean Hutchinson, former All-American at Auburn and Olympic trial swimmer, was recently profiled in Moorestown Life. Hutchinson, a physical therapist at Progress Physical Therapy and Swimming Coach at Jersey Wahoos, has used an Endless Pool for both of his passions, providing aquatic therapy and exercise as well as stroke training and analysis.

Below is the article covering the decorated swimmer's journey from talented swimmer, through hardship, and ultimately to his therapy and coaching business.

“Ready – GO!”...An all too familiar sound in our home. Is he trying to hurry up the kids who are perpetually late? Where are we going? Well, it’s an answer to neither. In fact, it’s just part of the daily mantra of Dean Hutchinson, a Moorestown resident, former local, national, and international stand-out swimmer, and current specialist in swim strokes and mechanics. It’s been nearly 14 years since Dean’s last race in the pool, but his desire to train and perfect a swimmer’s stroke remains strong. Simply put – swimming is what Dean knows.

Endless Pool, aquatic therapy, water exercise, swim training, commercial pools
Hutchinson's Endless Pool is used for swim training and physical therapy

Friday, December 27, 2013

Endless Pool Helps Masters Cyclist Thrive

John Platero is a busy man. The founder and owner of Future Fit, Inc., director of the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers, an author and musician, Platero also competed in 95 Masters cycling races in 2013, placing in 27 of them.

The well-respected 55-year old fitness professional has learned to maximize his training and recovery time with the aid of his backyard Endless Pool.

John Platero's backyard Endless Pool swimming pool used for exercise, swimming and rehabilitation.
Platero's Endless Pool offers a beautiful backyard exercise and rehab center

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Local Fire Units, Residents Respond to Colorado Floods

Unprecedented flooding in Colorado made this fall a challenging one for thousands of local residents. Roadways were destroyed and water caused irreparable damage to the state.
About an hour apart, the towns of Lyons and Kersey were each affected by the record floods. In two unique ways, local fire departments were able to benefit from the help of an Endless Pool.
The Platte Valley Swift Water Rescue Team uses an Endless Pool for training against the pool's adjustable, powerful current.
swimming, firefighters, endless pool, swim training, rescue
Platte Valley's Swift Water Rescue Team poses in their Endless Pool

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Indoor Memory Maker Triathlon Raises Funds for Alzheimer's

Faced with the prospect of cancellation, event organizers from GPP Endurance moved the 4th annual Memory Maker Triathlon indoors this year, thinking outside the box to continue raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s research.

After flooding knocked a local pool out of commission, GPP’s management team quickly brainstormed an alternative—an indoor triathlon to make use of their two Endless Pools.

The two day triathlon event, held from October 11-12, raised around $1,500.

endless pool swim spa triathlon training swimming
Chip Beard competes in the indoor triathlon inside GPP's Endless Pool

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Malick First Delawarean to Conquer the Catalina Channel

On Saturday, October 12, Jason Malick completed the 20+ mile crossing from Catalina to the mainland of San Pedro, California.

It's a swim only around 300 people have completed, and the Endless Pools Customer Support Specialist became the first Delaware native to cross the channel. 
Malick celebrates on dry land with his support team and the Delaware flag

Read on for a recap of the swim in his words:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Jason Malick Attacks 20 Mile Catalina Channel Swim

At its shortest distance, the Catalina Channel is just over 20 miles in length and water temperature can vary greatly.

It's an endurance swim that most will never tackle.

Jason Malick, an accomplished open water swimmer and Endless Pools customer support specialist, chose to rise to the challenge, embarking on the swim off the shores of California Friday, October 11. 

Jason Malick set his sights on the Catalina Channel after a 22.5 mile New Jersey swim

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