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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Partially In-ground: 5 Endless Pools Ideas for Your Home

The Original Endless Pool® gives you tremendous installation flexibility. The modular, steel-panel structure functions as a freestanding pool or fully in-ground. You can also install an Endless Pool partially in-ground, which offers some key advantages, as you'll see in these five dazzling installations!

  1. A partially in-ground pool is the easiest to access. With the pool height set around seat level, you can just sit and move your legs over and into the pool. You don't need the exterior stairs or decking required by an aboveground pool, and people with mobility impairments appreciate the accessibility lacking in fully in-ground pools.
  2. Partially in-ground installations cost less than fully in-ground. The deeper you dig, the greater the cost and the greater the risk of obstacles. Yes, aboveground installations cost the least, but the partially in-ground Endless Pool meets you halfway between simplicity and luxury.
  3. For a better, more polished look, the partially in-ground Endless Pool can give you the most eye-catching visual. In locations with a notable view, the lower height permits better sight lines.

These five Endless Pools show the versatility and beauty possible with a partially in-ground installation.

A partially in-ground Endless Pools swimming machine in a Mediterranean-themed sunroom
How do you create a Mediterranean escape in suburban Charlotte, North Carolina? For this sunroom, the homeowners employ a lavish mural, rich green tones from the ferns and tile, and a partially in-ground Original Endless Pool.
Bonus: This Endless Pool features our hydrotherapy jets for additional spa luxury.

A partially inground Endless Pools swimming machine with an arbor view
Nothing beats a pool with a view! The height of this partially in-ground Endless Pool maintains the room's airy minimalism – rather than obstructing the stunning arbor view, it's positioned to function as a reflecting pond for the trees outside.
Bonus: At the pool's front, the Underwater Treadmill permits low-impact running or walking while watching the (tastefully recessed) television.

A partially in-ground Endless Pools swimming machine in a private courtyard
This partially in-ground Endless Pool keeps open sight lines in a tight backyard. With our smooth current for in-place swimming, you get a big-pool feel where a big pool just couldn't fit! The granite perimeter functions as bench seating, while the skirting adds an organic design element – rough-hewn stacked stone.
Bonus: The greenery nearby will welcome any splashing: our state-of-the-art purification systems mean that the pool water has less chlorine than is allowable in tap water!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Joe & Linda: 18 Years of Swimming at Home

Linda B. and one of the granddaughters that she taught to swim in her Original Endless Pool
"I live in it. I swim in it. I've had three total knee replacements, and I can seriously say that I can get up every morning and walk because of my Endless Pool."

That's what Linda B. told us. She and her husband, Joe B., installed their Original Endless Pool® in their New Jersey home in 1999. After 18 years in action, their pool just got its first major overhaul, with multiple new parts. Linda decided that it was time to speak with us about how much the pool has meant to her.

Linda's Rx: Get in the Pool
Linda's knee troubles started with a car accident in the early 1990s. "When I tell people I’ve had 3 knee replacements," Linda says, "they don’t believe me. And I attribute it to the Endless Pool. I never went to rehab. I came home and went in the pool."

As Joe recalls, that was against the doctor's advice … at least initially. After the doctor saw her continued progress, his new medical assessment of Linda's Endless Pools therapy was, "'You know what you’re doing.'"

"I’m in it probably five days a week," she says, mixing up her regimen to keep it fun and engaging. "I swim. I do exercises. I do pull-ups against the current. I do water yoga in it also. I walk. If I don’t feel like swimming, I get my book and sit in the back and read."

Joe keeps it simple. "I walk in it. We don’t have a treadmill, but I devised my own way of walking in the pool" against the swim current.

Linda and Joe B's daughter and granddaughter in their Original Endless Pool
"The pool is very easy to maintain," Joe observes. "And my husband is not mechanically inclined," Linda quickly adds. He upkeeps the Endless Pool – seen here with their daughter and granddaughter – with assistance from our team. "Your customer service people are amazing. Not that I have many problems, but when you talk to them, they are so knowledgeable."

A Proud Swimming Grandmother
"When our children were young," Linda recalls, "we had an outdoor pool, and we never used it." The compact Endless Pool, with its signature swim-in-place current, made all the difference for their family.

"I have taught all my granddaughters to swim in my Endless Pool," Linda says with obvious pride. "My 18-month-old old granddaughter is in at least three times a week.

"When I tell you these kids go in it, they're in it until I beg them to get out; so they're in it for three or four hours at a time.

"I've been swimming my whole life," Linda reports, so she gets a particular thrill seeing her granddaughters follow in her footsteps by joining swim teams.

Their swimming skills also give her and Joe peace of mind. One of the younger ones recently jumped into the 8' deep end of a public pool, Linda recounts. "Everybody was like, 'Oh my God!' I just said, 'they're fine. Give them goggles and a bathing suit and they're happy.'"

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

PHOTOS: 5 Must-See Endless Pools

Rustic or grand, organic or outstanding, the versatile Endless Pools® swimming machine adapts to every aesthetic. Check out these gorgeous recent photographs for proof!

The owners of these Endless Pools enjoy in-place swimming with our signature adjustable current, whether it's in the garden, in their home, or in new construction. These installations – as surprising as they are stunning – promote fun, fitness, and property value.

Take a look…

indoor, in-ground Original Endless Pool in Dover, New Hampshire, sunroom
What do you do when you buy a home with an Original Endless Pool already installed? You make it your own! The new owner of this Dover, New Hampshire, sunroom quickly brought in bromeliads and other sun-loving plants to optimize the bright natural vibe of her in-ground installation.

partially in-ground Original Endless Pool in Van Nuys, California, by day
partially in-ground Original Endless Pool in Van Nuys, California, by night
This partially in-ground Endless Pool puts an affordable, eco-friendly twist on Southern California living. By day, its smooth swim current lets the family swim in place, add core resistance to aquatic exercise, or kick back to enjoy a 'lazy river.' By night, the same Endless Pool makes an ideal location for entertaining or a romantic evening.

aboveground Original Endless Pool under a pergola in Chico, California
When simple is all you need, the Endless Pool still fits the bill. This modest home in Northern California chose a larger 8' x 16' Endless Pool; the pergola casts it under partial sunlight. Mom swims while the rest of the family dips in to relax. Not seen: the turnkey, below-deck cover for ease of operation and the cleanest look.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Animate Your Pool with the Fastlane (new video)

a still from the new white-board animation video for the Endless Pools Fastlane
Opening your pool this Memorial Day weekend? Our new 'white board' animated video shows how you can give it new life with the Endless Pools Fastlane®.

The Fastlane turns almost any traditional pool into an Endless Pool. With simple, seamless poolside installation, the Fastlane lets you swim, workout, or play against the smooth, adjustable Endless Pools swim current.

The Fastlane easily mounts to the deck of existing or above-ground pools. We offer a wall-mount option for new or renovated pools.

The remotely located hydraulic power unit connects to the Fastlane via two hoses to run our unique, propeller-generated current -- that keeps the electricity far removed from the water!

You can view the video with a Spanish voice-over on the Endless Pools YouTube channel.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

PHOTOS: 5 Stunning Endless Pools

The versatile Endless Pools® swimming machine can look cozy or luxurious, organic or outstanding, as you can see from these stellar recent photographs!

Our signature current lets you swim in place outdoors, in spare rooms, or in new additions. In consultation with our experienced Design Representatives, these five homeowners have created beautiful, even surprising installations to promote fun, fitness, and property value. Take a look…

An in-ground Performanc Endless Pool in Knoxville, Tennessee
Enjoy a bit of Mediterranean glamour in this Knoxville, Tennessee, garden! Installed partially in-ground, this Performance Endless Pool has been customized with a 51" water depth. When not swimming, exercising, or just cooling off, the homeowners enjoy plenty of room for outdoor entertaining, as the compact design also functions as a illuminated water feature.

A partially in-ground Original Endless Pool in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Winters can be rough in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Fortunately, this Endless Pool offers year-round access to warm-water swimming and splashing. By customizing the water depth to 45", the owners get more buoyancy and less joint impact when training on their Underwater Treadmill. They smartly saved space in a room with a sloped ceiling by cornering their pool, thanks to the internal components' easy accessibility from a single side.

A lakeside Original Endless Pool in Seattle, Washington
The water's always warm outside in Seattle, Washington, thanks to this smartly placed Endless Pool! The silver strip at the top of the pool is the Automatic Retractable Security Cover; with the turn of a key, the owners can secure the pool from debris, children and critters, as well as heat loss and evaporation. Better still, splashing won't harm the nearby plants, thanks to our low-chlorine water quality system.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

5 Reasons this Ultrawoman Loves her Endless Pool

Ultraman triathlete Linda H. in her home Endless Pool
"You can swim until the day you die. You can't run until the day you die. Swimming is so easy on your body." That's the line of reasoning that Linda H.'s husband used to convince her to get an Endless Pool®.

That was in 2010, when she'd only been racing triathlons for a few years. She wasn't certain that she'd stick with multisport, but she's now glad they made the investment. "I really, really love the pool," she says from her Nevada home. "It's done more for me than I imagined."

From Running to Triathlon
"I started doing triathlon about 10 or 12 years ago," she recalls. "All my friends run. I was afraid it was going to tear my body up. I was already having joint pain. I started doing triathlon to get endurance without beating myself up" from the high-impact pounding of running, by incorporating low-impact cycling and swimming.

In 2010, she completed her first IRONMAN® triathlon, crossing the finish line in under 14-1/2 hours. "I've never been fast," she admits to explain why she focuses on endurance training.

That year, she was lucky enough to make it to the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, gaining entry with her first lottery. It was at the event's expo that she first tried the Endless Pool®.

Just a simple garage setting for a world-class training pool: that's all that Linda needs to do some serious Endless Pools training for the three-day, 320-mile Ultraman triathlon. "I really, really love the pool," she enthuses. "It's done more for me than I imagined!"

Tri Training at Home
"I was a terrible swimmer," Linda confesses. Initially, she couldn't even put her face under water. "I could not possibly have trained without my Endless Pool."

"I wanted to train up to four and a half hours" for Ultraman events, a series of three-day, 320-mile triathlons that kick off with a 10-km swim. "I don't know of any pool within any reasonable distance where I could swim long enough to see my time in a 10K," says Linda.

"Normally, I swam an hour at a time" in the public pool because that was the maximum allowed; once she had her Endless Pool installed, she could push her limits. "I started adding 5 minutes a week to a long swim."

5 Reasons to Swim at Home
1. Convenience: "I love it because I can go any darn time I want to! Right now, we have a foot to a foot and a half of snow outside, and I'd have to drive 15 miles to the nearest pool."

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Week in Swimming

The daughter of David and Victoria Beckham swimming with a mermaid
Swim Swam’s editors selected the 20 best underwater swimming photos of the year.

Another record for Katie Ledecky: she was 2016’s most-drug-tested swimmer. (Excelle)

Six Team USA Olympians highlight the arena Pro Swim Series’ kickoff in Austin this month. (Swimming World)

See how the zero-gravity swimming pool scene in the new Jennifer Lawrence movie, Passengers, was created. (Cartoon Brew)

Get inspired by this first-person account of learning to swim after age 40. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Check out Tech Adviser’s recommendations for 2017’s best swim trackers.

A photo posted by Cal Men's Swimming & Diving (@calmswimdive) on

Thursday, October 20, 2016

7 Mighty Man Caves for Men who Love Swimming

Man caves serve as sanctuaries, spaces dedicated to the tastes and passions of the men who inhabit them. And for men who love swimming, there's no better way to appoint your man cave than with an Endless Pools® swimming machine.

The modular Endless Pool installs easily indoors. All components fit through doors and down stairs, so you can put your Endless Pool in the basement and other cavelike existing rooms.

If you're seeking man cave ideas of your own, start by checking out these swimmer-friendly set-ups!

Man Cave with big screen television and Endless Pools swimming machine
The charcoal tile lends a robust air to this man cave, while the Endless Pool adds a decisive blue, thanks to the optional underwater lighting. Endless Pools can also be outfitted with an Underwater Treadmill for low-impact running and jogging, making it easy to get active while watching the big game.

Man Cave with sports memorabilia and partially inground Endless Pools swimming machine
In this man cave, the clean kitchenette is balanced by the rugged, distressed textures of the pool skirting and wainscoting. The manual retractable security cover, at the lower left, traps in heat and humidity when the pool is not in use. (We have automatic covers too, but who's afraid of putting in a little elbow grease to get the job done?!)

Man Cave with hammock, kitchenette, and partially inground Endless Pools swimming machine
Deep red walls and exposed wood beams define this man cave with a luxe but potent vibe. As its centerpiece, the partially inground Endless Pool offers convenient access to a vigorous swim session ... because a man should have to earn the right to kick back in his indoor hammock!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

PHOTOS: 5 Knockout Endless Pools

The Endless Pools® swimming machine adapts to any aesthetic, and these recent photographs prove it!

Our signature current lets you swim in place in your family room, garden, deck, barn ... just about anywhere. Take a look at how these five homeowners integrated their Endless Pools into their homes and their lifestyles.

inground Original Endless Pool in Cleveland, Tennessee
This inground Endless Pools adds healthy versatility to this eclectic family room. The rails at poolside and on the exposed wood beam make the pool accessible for fitness, aquatic therapy, and rehab. With fireside seating, timeless rustic touches, and a state-of-the-art fitness and leisure pool, there's something for everyone here!

partially inground Performance Endless Pool in Houston, Texas
This partially in-ground Performance Endless Pool gives you a better swim than a traditional pool while still leaving plenty of room for gardening, trees, and entertaining. The pool's modular design easily adapts to the clean, modern lines of this garden. Even in a compact yard, you can have everything you need for family fun and fitness ... even a place for your rubber duck!

aboveground Original Endless Pool in Southold, New York
Thanks to some outside-the-box thinking, this Original Endless Pool® is skirted in cedar shake. The shingles add more than just a warm, rustic feel; they're also durable, moisture- and insect-resistant, and naturally insulating to control water-heating costs. The below-deck security cover, once closed, will also contain heat and prevent evaporation.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Week in Swimming

blind athlete and his guide as swim start, Ironman 70.3 Raleigh
The U.S. Olympic swimming trials have sold out – all eight days! – for the first time ever. (NBC Olympics) While there, fans can surf, take the logroll challenge, and get a virtual reality view of the action in the USA Swimming Aqua Zone. (

This extraordinary video shows how hard it is to spot a drowning child in a crowded public pool … and how a diligent lifeguard did just that! (Mirror)

Get inspired by Adolph Kiefer, a gold-medal swimmer from the 1936 Olympics who’s still swimming at 98! He recounts his friendship with Jesse Owens, his meeting with Hitler, and his proudest accomplishment. (Daily Herald)

Meet the Saudi dentist who became the first woman to swim the Thames, a 101-mile, 10-day feat. (StepFeed)

The Travel Channel’s new series, Top Secret Swimming Holes, premieres this Sunday.

Without resources for pool access, this Hanoi coach created a device to teach swimming skills on dry land. (Tuoi Tre News)

In a moving personal essay, a Chinese-American swimmer considers the media’s treatment of Nathan Adrian and Simone Manuel and explains “Why Swimming Shouldn’t be about Race.” (Swimming World)

Watch nine-year-old James Savage, who swam to Alcatraz and back to break the record held by a 10-year-old. (NBC 24)

A photo posted by Team Elite (@swimmacelite) on

A photo posted by Elizabeth Beisel (@ebeisel34) on

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Week in Swimming

girl watches floating lanterns during a Lantern Floating ceremony honoring Memorial Day in Honolulu, Hawaii
Olympic gold medalist Ed Moses hadn’t swam once in four years. With just two practice swims, he’s qualified for the Olympic trials! (SB Nation)

SLIDESHOW: “The pool and what it represents is woven into Australian identity and culture,” says Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe; check out photos from a new exhibit/book on the social history of pools in Australia. (New York Times)

Same-sex swimming hours at public pools have sparked controversy for Sweden’s Mulsim community (CS Monitor) and for New York City’s Hasidic community (Forward).

How do you prepare for an open-water swim in chillier climes? If you’re the Australian team, you fill your Endless Pool with ice! (Swim Swam)

Kacper Majchrzak set a new Polish record in the men’s 200-meter free. (Swimming World)

A photo posted by ?Kacper Majchrzak (@_kacper_majchrzak) on

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Week in Swimming

Olympic swimmer Connor Jaeger at the Arena Pro Swim Series Charlotte
Gold medals for Great Britain’s Adam Peaty and Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu highlighted the European Swimming Championships. (EuroNews)

As Kirsty Coventry chases her 8th individual Olympic medal – an unprecedented feat for a female athlete – she reflects on how clean the sport of swimming really is. (Reuters)

USA Swimming published its first-ever Hispanic/Latino Cultural Inclusion Resource Guide.

Why doesn’t Caeleb Dressel, an Olympic hopeful and perhaps the most promising sprinter in the U.S., want to talk about swimming? (Washington Post)

High school swimmer Maxime Rooney broke a national record … only to see it broken later the same day. (Mercury News)

Nathan Adrian and Simone Manuel discuss what it takes to win the 50-meter freestyle, otherwise known as the “splash and dash.” (Team USA)

VIDEO: This house has two pools – the glass-bottomed, second-story pool hovers over the inground pool! (The Mirror)

Portland mayoral candidate Ted Wheeler lost a swimming race to a dog. (Oregon Live)

A photo posted by USA Swimming (@usaswimming) on

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Week in Swimming

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, photo by Domekyo Photography
With just 100 days to the summer Olympics, Team USA kicked off their Road to Rio Tour (pictures after the jump). Then check out the front-runners in the German Olympic swimming trials, which start next week. (Swim Swam)

A para-swimmer/Syrian refugee will carry the Olympic torch in the international relay’s Greek leg. (ABC News)

In Glasgow, para-swimmers broke world and national records at the British Para-Swimming International Meet. (IPC)

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio raised eyebrows with a proposed budget that includes a $50 million indoor pool on Staten Island. (SILive)

Olympic gold-medalist Cullen Jones discusses why he’s promoting swimming in African-American communities with the Make a Splash initiative (Atlanta Journal Constitution), while USA Swimming has begun accepting applications for its Diversity Coach Mentorship Program.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When Tarzan Swam to Record #47

Johnny Weissmuller
Before becoming Hollywood's most enduring Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller was the first swimmer to go 440 yards freestyle in under five minutes. It was his 47th record, and he still had many exciting years ahead of him.

This record was broken 93 years ago this week, in New Haven, Conn. Weissmuller, swimming for the Illinois Athletic Club, touched the wall in just 4:57, braking his own record of 5:08. Those who witnessed this record-breaking swim said that he did it with ease and only appeared to exert himself at the end.

Johnny was born on June 2, 1904, as Johann Peter Weißmüller in either present-day Serbia or present-day Romania. Seven months later, he arrived at Ellis Island with his parents, Peter and Elizabeth. The German family spent a few years in a Pennsylvania coal mining town before relocating to Chicago.

At age nine, Johnny was diagnosed with polio. This unfortunate event would soon turn fortunate: His doctor recommended that he take up swimming to help with the disease. Johnny heeded his advice and soon enough landed himself a place on a YMCA swim team.

After dropping out of a college-preparatory high school, he found various jobs, one as a Lake Michigan beach lifeguard. While working as a bellboy at an athletic club, he garnered the attention of William Bachrach, a swim coach who decided to train him. In August 1921, Weissmuller became a national champion in the 50 and 220-yard distances.

To compete on the U.S. Olympic swim team, Johnny needed a U.S. passport. He listed his birthplace as Tanneryville, Pennsylvania and used his younger brother's birthday. (Oddly enough, his father’s signing of the passport would be the last time anyone heard from him; in the 1930 census, his mother was listed as a widow, with his father nowhere to be found.)

Monday, December 7, 2015

The 2015 Endless Pools Photo Contest Winners

We reviewed hundreds of photos for the 2015 Endless Pools® Photo Contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted during the 10-week entry period. In the end, these seven beautiful standouts rose to the top.

The Grand Prize winner in the 2015 Endless Pools Photo Contest
FIRST PLACE: The golden sunrise glow, the Scottish Highlands fog, the swimmer's upturned face ... the photographer captured a perfect moment for this Original Endless Pool. Our judges endorsed this knockout by a solid margin. Congratulations to pool owner Eleanor on earning our $500.00 grand prize.

The 2nd Place winner in the 2015 Endless Pools Photo Contest
SECOND PLACE: Under majestic red cliffs and the (almost) cloudless sky, this swimmer was the envy of many of our judges. Who wouldn't want to emerge from this partially in-ground Performance Endless Pool to see this grand Utah landscape? Pool owners Kathleen and Leon will receive a FINIS Neptune underwater MP3 player.

The 3rd Place winner in the 2015 Endless Pools Photo Contest
THIRD PLACE: Our WaterWell therapy pool may not have a swim current, but it provides everything Maggie needs for low-impact fitness. And with this sunroom's stunning lakeside view, it's certainly a showpiece for her suburban Toledo home. This elegantly framed shot benefits from a masterful balance between the indoor and outdoor lighting, earning her the other FINIS Neptune MP3 player.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Video of the Day: Winter Swimming in the Endless Pool


To learn more about year-round swimming, in rain, sleet, snow or sunshine, visit
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