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Showing posts with label swimming pools. Show all posts

Friday, March 17, 2017

This Week in Swimming

Olympic medalist and Standford Cardinal, swimmer Lia Neal

As the NCAA Women's Swimming Championships continue, here are 10 swimmers and divers to watch. (Excelle Sports) Katie Ledecky is already setting new records in Indianapolis. (USA Today) You can follow the NCAA action on the Swimming World app.

For transgender swimmer G Ryan, swimming against Katie Ledecky is the least of the challenges. (ESPN)

Could 2017 end up as swimming's fastest year ever? (Swimming World)

See why his Olympic gold medal in the 100m freestyle won't stop Nathan Adrian from retooling his approach to the race. (Swim Swam, with video)

Check out this former Marine as he tests his brand-new waterproof prosthetic leg with a nonslip tread on the sole. (NY Times)

A Masters Swimming coach shares four ways to fix your swimming technique. (USMS)

Check out the 81 swimmers and divers named to the 2017 All-BIG EAST Team.

Get inspired with swimmer Lilly King's pre-race Spotify playlist. (ESPN)

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Friday, February 3, 2017

The Week in Swimming

Olympic swimmer Ippei Watanabe after breaking the men's 200m breaststroke record
After breaking the 200-meter breaststroke record this weekend, 19-year-old swimmer Ippei Watanabe credits his lower-body workouts. (Mainichi)

This profile of the social swim club, Swim Dem Crew, includes stroke tips and an interval workout. (Guardian)

Don't miss this loving ode to ocean swimming and Hawaii's swim culture as the writer revisits Kauai for the first time since her pregnancy with her son, now five. (NY Times)

CBS News' series on longevity kicks off, of course, with a swimmer – 75-year-old DeEtte Sauer with more than 50 National Senior Games medals.

Get inspired by this Olympic swimmer who's dedicated herself to helping others recover from childhood abuse. (News Deeply)

Swimming with sharks and cave diving are among the hobbies of some risk-taking CEOs. (Forbes)

A year-round swimmer lists 10 things she learned from ice-water swimming. (Guardian)

The USA Swimming Foundation announced 12 new recipient organizations for its 2016 Year-end Make a Splash Grants. (Swimming World)

A viral video shows "the world's bravest duck" out-swimming a tiger.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Week in Swimming

Breeja Larson at the 2017 arena Pro Swim Series in Austin, Texas
A 62-year-old Olympic gold medalist was told by his gym's staff that he swims too fast. (Telegraph)

In a new interview, Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin talks about recapturing the joy of swimming. (Wall Street Journal, login required)

in-depth review of the ongoing controversy over co-ed swimming classes in Switzerland. (Atlantic)

Check out the photos of Charlie, a cat who's swimming off some extra pounds at a canine hydrotherapy clinic (Daily Mail) and these brand new photos from acclaimed underwater dog photographer Seth Casteel, all of shelter dogs seeking adoption (Huffington Post).

Divers off the coast of Lanzarote can now explore the newly completed Museo Atlántico, an underwater sculpture museum. (CNN)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Week in Swimming

A swimmer dressed as Superman diving into Lake Geneva for the 78th Coupe de Noël
You’ll love the extraordinary photos in this article on the roots and realities of ice swimming. (NY Times) These ice swimmers may even be getting added health benefits. (Spectator)

As Speedo and Swimming Australia end their sponsorship agreement, take a look back at their 60-year partnership in photos. (Guardian)

A swimmer considers the reputation of college swimming in light of Princeton’s suspension of their men’s season. (Swimming World)

Former Navy SEAL Chris Ring reflects on his historic 2,300-mile Mississippi River swim. (Tennessean)

Get inspired by 11-year-old Paralympic swimmer Luke Batty, already a National Champion with big plans for his future (Manchester Evening News) and by a woman with multiple sclerosis who just completed her 2016 resolution to swim one million yards (ABC13, with video).

Why triathletes should be careful about what they learn from single-sport pool swimmers. (Triathlete Europe)

From Nevada City to Bondi, explore 14 of the world’s best swimming spots. (Matador Network)

After completing a charity swim across Lake Malawi, a swimmer raised close to £2,000 more by accepting a dare to check in at the airport in his Speedo. (Telegraph)

To an uninitiated observer, ice swimming can seem peculiar. From afar, it might look like normal swimming in any lake. But while watching groups of half-naked people splashing into water 41 degrees or less, your mind naturally struggles to comprehend why. WHY? #Iceswimming has deep roots in Europe, where many believe it provides restorative health benefits. Only within the last decade have organizations begun formalizing these rituals. As in many extreme sports, participants embrace the opportunity to learn about themselves. But the risk to the body is real. Christof Wandratsch — photographed here by @juliengoldstein — is a lifelong competitive swimmer. The 49-year-old begins the acclimatization process in September, swimming an hour and a half in 68-degree water. These days, in water 40 degrees and below, he trains for 20 minutes at most. Whenever possible, Christof goes sockless in the winter. He takes frequent cold showers. But he didn’t heed his coach’s suggestion to sleep outside in his garden. Visit the link in our profile to read more about the swimmers with ice water in their veins. #???
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??DECEMBER 20: JANE ASHER ?? She quit counting world records after breaking 100 of them. With smooth technique she swims faster than most triathletes. At 85 she swam 200 meter freestyle on 3:12 during 2016. This Water-loving Lady was born in Rhodesia, but female duties and circumstances pushed her away from swimming. Losing her husband in her sixties she found her way back to swimming. After replacing both hips in 2000 her record breaking journey started. Here are her times after turning 80: SCM: 50 free (37.67) 100 free (1:24.44) 200 free (3:01.61) 400 free (6:34.92) 50 back (46.10) 100 back (1:44.88) 200 back (3:42.88) 50 fly (45.57) 100 IM (1:42.46) 400 IM (8:07.34) ?THIS SWIM CALENDAR recognizes women, one each day from December 1st to Christmas Eve. They all have taken swimming to the next level. ? TO SUPPORT THE WOMEN that has the hardest of times right now, make a donation on @lighthouserelief - link in my bio or REPOST this ------------------------------- #swimming #swimmingworld #swimswam #natacion #natação #windsor2016 #simning #vansbrosimningen #crossfit #swimrun #simkalender #swimbikerun #triswim #natcion #femaleathlete #femaleswimmer #simmasverige #gbswimming #swimcalendar2016 #roadbike #bikelife #like4like #likeforlike #canyonbike #trekbikes #cervelo #triathlon
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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Week in Swimming

A member of China's Beiling Winter Swimming team
For a longer life, swimming is one of the best exercises you can do, a large-scale Finnish study found. (CNN)

Cold water swimming may have distinct benefits, according to researchers and these UK women who love “wild swimming.” (Daily Mail)

In this excerpt from her new memoir, Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin opens up about the “panic attacks” that derailed her performance in Rio. (Time)

After earning their first swimming gold medal since 1988, the UK prepares for Tokyo 2020 with a significant funding increase for the sport. (British Swimming) In New Zealand, a poor showing in Rio has led to major funding cuts for swimming and triathlon. (Stuff)

VIDEO: Filmmaker Barry Jenkins dissects his already iconic swimming-lesson scene in Moonlight, which just scored six Golden Globe nominations. (Entertainment Weekly)

Architect Oana Stanescu is dedicating the next decade to building a plus-shaped pool in New York’s East River. (Forbes)

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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Week in Swimming

Olympic gold medalist Anthony Ervin
Ben Hooper began his 2,000-mile transatlantic swim, leaving the coast of Senegal on Sunday. (ITV)

Oceans Seven swimmer Kim Chambers led a group of 28 swimmers in the first-ever marathon swim across the salty Dead Sea. (CNN, with video)

Read this new profile on how Anthony Ervin overcame his many demons to score his second gold medal in Rio, 16 years after his first. (Red Bulletin)

Swimming World named Katie Ledecky their female Swimmer of the Year for three years in a row; will she make it four? If her practice times are any indication, then yes (Swim Swam).

After winning three gold medals in Rio, swimming phenom Katinka Hosszu is taking on the Hungarian Swimming Federation. (AP)

Get inspired by the swimmer who survived breast cancer this year as she trains for the World Masters Games this spring. (Stuff)

How do Apple Watch Series 2 and Fitbit Flex 2 compare for swim tracking? They underwent side-by-side tests at Wareable and CIO.

As other programs get cut, the University of Sioux Falls launched a women’s Cougars swimming program. (Swim Swam)

Watch this rare video of the endangered proboscis monkey swimming, a rare behavior among monkeys. (National Geographic)

Coming soon: Villa Clessidra, a three-story home where the entire second floor is a glass-walled pool. (The Spaces)

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Week in Swimming

NC State swimmer Ryan Held
Check out the 7 can’t-miss races of this weekend’s USA College Challenge. (Swimming World)

For rehab from serious injuries, young women are turning to mermaid swimming classes. (PJ Star)

Get inspired by this 13-year-old girl who just returned to competitive swimming after losing both legs in an auto accident. (KTUU, with video)

At Brigham Young University, 3,700 people signed a petition in protest of a downsizing pool renovation. (Daily Universe)

Check out the insane view from this 42nd-story, glass-bottom pool in Houston! (SA Express-News)

A swimmer/surfer/diver gave a glowing review of these waterproof headphones. (Boing Boing)

A 15-year-old Canadian shocked the Barbados Open Water Festival by winning the 10K swim. (Swim Swam)

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Friday, November 4, 2016

The Week in Swimming

Pelham High School swimmer and NAG record holder Kate Douglass
As Dara Torres received her much-deserved International Swimming Hall of Fame induction, 14-year-old New York swimmer Kate Douglass broke Torres’ last remaining National Age Group record. (Swimming World)

The USA Swimming Foundation gave a total of $10,000 to five Make A Splash Local Partners to help transition children from learn-to-swim programs to competitive swim teams. (Swim Swam)

Besides being physically healthful, swimming delivers these 4 brain benefits. (Medical Daily)

Ryan Lochte announced that he intends to compete at Tokyo 2020, when he’ll be 36! (Washington Post, with video)

In her life after Rio, two-time Olympic medalist Elizabeth Beisel is now coaching NCAA swimmers. (NBC10)

A planned tourist attraction – swimming with Bluefin tuna in Australia’s Victor Harbor – must first overcome a slew of environmental protests. (Smithsonian)

A synchronized swimming sitcom is coming soon to Fox, courtesy of Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody and American Idol producer Simon Cowell. (Hollywood Reporter)

British swimmer Ben Hooper plans to leave Senegal tomorrow for his planned 140-day transatlantic swim to Brazil! (Daily Mail)

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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Week in Swimming

Olympic gold-medal swimmer Kyle Chalmers
At the FINA World Cup, Olympic gold medalist Kyle Chalmers set a world junior record in Singapore, and Olympian Alia Atkinson made the record books in Tokyo. (Swim Swam)

Get inspired by this 91-year-old swimmer, newly inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame for his 17 world records. (Daily Egyptian)

How did the eagle eye of an anonymous fan possibly save the life of Olympic gold medalist Mack Horton? (Independent)

Watch this video profile of an “entrepre-mermaid” who works full time swimming as deep as 115 feet with a 46-pound silicone tail! (Bloomberg)

Can you get away with illegally building an underground, marble-lined pool in the UK? Yes, if you’re billionaire inventor Sir James Dyson. (Daily Mail)

A “miracle cat” was found swimming for its life in the middle of an 11-square-mile lake! (People)

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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Week in Swimming

Paralympic swimmer and author Brad Snyder
“We can’t all be Michael Phelps and be set for life,” says silver-medalist Connor Jaeger in this profile of life after the Olympics and why he now works in real estate. (Washington Post)

Similarly, Australian gold-medal swimmer Michael Klim reveals that he “only saw a sport psychologist once I retired” to transition to life as a skin-care entrepreneur. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Get inspired by 17-year-old para-swimmer Chris Arbuthnott, who’s a finalist for New Zealand’s Attitude Awards. (Stuff, with video)

The Stanford Cardinals had their first meet with Olympic medalists Katie Ledecky, Lia Neal, and Simone Manuel. (SF Chronicle) And a former Cards swimmer reflects on the mixed legacy that will keep her from the university’s annual alumni swimming meet. (Stanford Daily)

Missy Franklin helped launch Ripples to Waves, where you can apply for free swimming lessons for your family.

Teaching children to swim is just one of 5 ways to give back to the swimming community. (Swimming World)

Superstar Olympic coaches Dave Marsh and Bob Bowman will share some secrets of their successes at the 3rd FINA Swimming Coaches Golden Clinic.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

The Week in Swimming

Actress, activist, and marathon swimmer Bo Derek (right)
Her beach jogging made Bo Derek instantly iconic in 1979; now, the 59-year-old actress/activist has completed a 3,000m marathon swim in Greece. (People)

The IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona wrapped with an all-German men’s podium and a course record from Daniela Ryf.

After a 56-hour, 82-mile swim, a Colorado woman has qualified for an open-water record. (AP)

Radical changes may be underway in the oversight of Olympic drug testing, at least is USA Swimming has a say. (Swimming World)

Get inspired by the high school swimmers who are in the pool after beating stage-4 brain cancer (Arizona Republic) and stage-4 leukemia (OC Register).

At age 72, Harvey Burgett is New York’s only male competitive synchronized swimmer. (Crain’s)

A new swimming record has been set … by an elephant seal. (CBS News)

Former collegiate swimmer Annie Chandler Grevers, now married to Olympic medalist Matt Grevers, answers 5 questions about swimming while pregnant. (Swimming World)

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Week in Swimming

Olympic gold medalist and Golden Goggles nominee Ryan Murphy
Online fan voting started for USA Swimming’s Golden Goggles awards.

Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin reflects on the lessons she learned in Rio. (Excelle Sports)

Despite their 18 Olympic medals for aquatics, few in China know how to swim, and the drowning statistics are staggering. (USA Today)

On the Greek island of Lesvos, a group of 20-something volunteers are teaching refugees to swim. (Vice)

See how the famous swimming pigs of the Bahamas get prepared for Hurricane Matthew. (ABC10, with video)

For the second time in just eight days, an Air Force major successfully swam the English Channel. (Stars and Stripes)

An eco-friendly swimming pool in Paris now warms its water with heat recycled from the sewer system. (Reuters)

Hurricane Matthew is close. Will keep you updated as long as possible. Thank you all! #HurricaneMatthew #Exuma #Bahamas

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Week in Swimming

a triathlete leaping at the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon
A lifelong swimmer reviews the “swim-proof” Apple Watch Series 2. (MacRumors) Then see how the watch works with the app. (Swim Swam)

USA Swimming released their first LGBTQ Cultural Inclusion Resource Guide to help coaches, parents, and clubs create a safe, respectful environment. 

A youth detention center in California is trying to bridge the race gap in swimming. (CBS13, with video)

Thanks to swimming lessons, an eight-year-old boy saved his grandmother from drowning! (Valley Morning Star)

The Ethiopian Olympic swimmer ridiculed for his body shape is training hard to redeem himself. (Africa News)

Like a James Bond gadget, the handheld Bixpy Jet can propel you underwater fast. (Kickstarter)

Emotional testimony kicked off the public hearings on the proposed swimming-with-dolphins ban in Hawaii. (News Now, with video)

Why is clean-water advocate Christopher Swain swimming 130 miles, including Long Island Sound and the East River? (National Geographic)

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