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Showing posts with label weight loss. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kat Has Some Serious Fun (Part 2 of 2)

Endless Pools owner Kat T. in the Performance Endless Pool in her garage
In last week's blog post about Endless Pool® owner Kat, she discussed how her Performance model helped her lose 30 pounds, postpone knee-replacement surgery, and reduce pain so she could finally through sleep the night. We didn't mention how much fun she's having while making these quality-of-life strides!

Dancing and Relaxing
"I just dance!" she gushes. "I put music on and just dance in the pool. It's ridiculous. My gosh, I just feel so free.

She installed her Endless Pool for rehabilitation exercises plus a separate hot tub for relaxation; she's since found that the Endless Pool serves both ends. She even hung a television over the pool.

"I could get in the hot tub, but no, I think, 'I can get in the pool and watch a movie.'" It's a ritual she enjoys alone, with her husband, Doug, and when her grandkids are visiting. "I've seen Frozen about 14 times in the pool!"

In Kat's renovated garage, she can do a gentle, rehabilitative breaststroke in her Endless Pool … while simultaneously watching television and 'walking' her dog! As reported in our earlier blog post on Kat, her Endless Pool routine also helped her to lose 30 pounds, postpone critical knee-replacement surgery, and sleep without painful interruptions.

Counting the Conveniences
Having an Endless Pool at home saves her a long commute to and from a highly chlorinated public pool. The at-home convenience, she estimates, "probably saves me an hour and half out of my day."

"The chlorine in a public pool bothers my eyes. The Endless Pool has almost no chlorine," she notes. Because our state-of-the-art water quality system is "so efficient, I don't wear goggles, and I'm fine."

The distance and the chemicals weren't her only concerns. "I don't like being in bathing suits in public," she confides.

On top of all that, she finds, "It's easy to care for." When Kat's Endless Pools Design Representative, Lynne, told her that regular maintenance takes just minutes a week, "I thought, 'Really?' But it does!"

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kat Makes Serious Health Strides (Part 1 of 2)

Endless Pools owner Kat T. in the Performance Endless Pool in her garage
"When I was 18, I was in a head-on collision," Kat recounts. The accident caused severe damage to her knee. "They came very close to amputating." The injury has impacted her over the decades since – "It'll always be a bit wonky," she notes – but in recent years, she's found considerable relief: Kat installed an Endless Pool®.

The Big Decision
When Kat (short for Katherine) and her husband, Doug, first considered the Endless Pool in 2013, "I was 46 and needed a knee replacement. The doctor wanted to wait as long as possible": a knee replacement lasts 20 years, and a second one just 10, she was advised.

"I couldn't do a lot of stuff in the gym. I was getting frustrated, and also I was gaining weight."

When Doug suggested installing an Endless Pool in their garage, she asked herself, "'I've never been a swimmer. Is this something I'm going to use?'"

They visited the Endless Pools Factory Showroom in suburban Philadelphia. As she recalls, "I got in the demo pool and thought, 'Oh my gosh, I just love it!'"

Kat's Perfomance Endless Pool in her converted garage
Kat uses the Endless Pool in her converted garage almost daily to swim, jog, run, dance, and even watch TV! A Performance model, it has helped her to lose 30 pounds, postpone knee-replacement surgery by as much as 10 years, and sleep at night uninterrupted by knee pain. Of her Endless Pools fitness and rehab regimen, Kat says, "It's changed my life."

Kat's Endless Pools Progress
"I spend half the time jogging in the pool. Things I can't do on land – squats, running – I can do it in the pool." She also enjoys adapting yoga and Pilates movements into her aquatic fitness routine. "I use the pool five, six, seven times a week – sometimes twice a day."

"I lost 30 pounds, and my muscle percentage has gone the high range for my age. My cholesterol is perfect. My blood sugar came down. My doctor said it's amazing."

While her weight loss was gradual, over about three years, Kat notes that she changed nothing else – not diet or activity outside the pool – to contribute to her progress.

And that knee replacement? Thanks to her improved fitness and weight, her doctor now predicts that it won't be necessary for another five to 10 years!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Her Ailment is a Mystery, but an Effective Therapy is Clear

Hello Michael,

I would like to tell you how much my WaterWell has helped me with my condition. I've lost 16 pounds, and I can get in and out of a car without assistance, climb stairs with two legs instead of one, and just have overall better mobility. I want to thank you and your company for making this possible. 

I love my WaterWell. I'm in it two or three times a day at about 45 minutes to an hour each time. I can't wait for my next doctor’s visit because he is going to be so surprised with my mobility and weight. I weigh what I did before I became really sick seven years ago. I back in a size 8 instead of a 12. That means a lot to a woman.

Thank you again,

When one of our Design Representatives received this email, just seven weeks after Deborah's Endless Pools WaterWell® therapy pool was up and running, we had to call her to learn more.

“I always was active before I got sick,” she told us by phone from her Ontario home. “I’m 62. At 40, I learned to rollerblade. I hiked, I walked, I did everything. And then this thing just took over, gradually, gradually, until I couldn’t do anything.”

Frustratingly, Deborah does not have an official diagnosis. Her many specialists, in the U.S. and Canada, have ruled out MS and ALS, both early suspects as her condition has some similar symptoms, including muscle weakness and spasms. “We’re just dumbfounded. No one knows what this is.”

While her symptoms had progressively worsened, she’s found that aquatic therapy has begun to reverse them. Her husband installed a WaterWell, Endless Pools’ compact therapy pool, in their basement.

Deborah exercising in the Endless Pools WaterWell therapy pool in the basement of her Ontario home
In her basement WaterWell, Deborah exercises and even dances. “I have my radio cranked,” she says happily. When her muscle spasms begin and her medication doesn't help, “I go in the pool, and it stops.” The increased activity, too painful for her on dry land, allows her to sleep so much better that she’s all but stopped taking her once-nightly medication.

“This pool has put me back probably to where I was 4 years ago inside of 2 months,” she reports happily. “I just exercise in the water. I dance; I have my radio cranked. I don’t stop in the water. I love it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

6 Tips for Life Success & Weight Loss from the ‘Yes Doc’

The sign at Dr. Scott Richards' Endless Pool, San Marcos, CA
They call him the “Yes Doc.” That’s ostensibly because he loves progressive rockers Yes (“I’ve seen the band over 100 times,” he notes) but it could as easily be due to his insistently positive attitude.

Scott Richards says ‘yes’ to life, and it’s gotten him through the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming (the English Channel, Catalina Channel, and a Manhattan Island circumnavigation) and other marathon swims against a slew of obstacles. He took some time recently to share his experiences and lessons from along the way:

1. There’s No Place Like Home.
Scott is currently training for the 39th Annual Swim Around Key West this June. He calls the 12-mile swim “a huge deviation” from his cold-water swims. “It’s a very different way of training,” with greater emphasis on hydration and electrolyte replenishment.

He also sees the swim as “a full circle of my life.” He grew up in Florida, spent 25 years in California, and only moved back to his home state in 2014. “The chance for me to go back and do something in an area I grew up in,” he says, “gave me the motivation to get back in” the water after months of inactivity.

He calls the trip around Key West “a civilized swim: you leave after breakfast and you’re back home for lunch!” But it’ll also be bittersweet; his brother, Dan, was scheduled to join him, but unexpected eye surgery now prevents him from training. Scott’s Triple Crown swims inspired Dan to follow suit, and they remain the only siblings to have achieved it.

In this video, Dr. Scott Richards demos his at-home Endless Pool. This model, purchased in 2003, sports a blue knob to manually adjust the swim current's speed; Endless Pool technology has since advanced to feature digital pace control with floating remotes. He used this pool almost daily for 11 years, until he moved from California back to his home state of Florida.

2. Do What You Love.
Scott Richards loves to swim. “The training is a joy to do. The day you actually do the swim is almost icing on the cake.” Of his English Channel crossing, he recalls, “I spent the whole swim thinking, ‘It’s so cool that I get to do this!’”

Of course, all that training takes time, and Scott’s a full-time M.D. and father. That’s one reason why, he says, “I love the Endless Pool.” While training in it almost daily, “I never let my work suffer and never let my parenting suffer. I was able to swim in the morning before my son woke up.”

For Scott, it was love at first swim. After “no more than two minutes” of his initial Endless Pool test-swim, “I popped my head up, and my kids said they hadn’t seen a smile on my face that big in years!”

He bought an Original Endless Pool® for his California home and used it for more than a decade. “It was worth the money because I was literally in it six days a week. I used to call my Endless Pool ‘my 3,000-gallon psychiatrist.’ I could get away from the stress of working 40 hours a week and being the single parent to an 11-year-old son. I didn’t have to worry about flip-turns or other people.”

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How Mike Swam Off 80 Pounds

This is a tale of reckless youth and redemption, of indulgence and determination, of 60 pounds gained and 80 pounds lost. And, of course, it’s also a tale of an Endless Pool®.

Let’s start a few years back. Mike Ydavoy (pronounced EYE-da-voy) lived in Florida, had success as a property manager, and swam daily in his outdoor pool. When work brought him up north, to suburban Philadelphia, he had no pool and discovered a new food landscape. “I wound up gaining 60 pounds, and that was putting pressure on my knees, which were already bad. … I didn’t take care of them when I was young; I did foolish things” (on which he did not elaborate).

His knees required surgery. He wanted to condense the recovery time, but “my doctor did not want to operate on both knees [at once] without me losing weight. He said, ‘You get down to 250, and I’ll do both knees.’” At the time, Mike weighed 318 pounds.

He needed to start swimming again, and he needed to do it indoors to be consistent in a climate with four distinct seasons. He tried a local gym’s pool, but “with the chlorine level that they have to maintain, I was having a really bad reaction on my skin.”

That’s when he chose to get an Endless Pool. “That really made the difference. The mental aspect of me getting in shape is 100% from the Endless Pool. Watching the calories is good, but it’s no fun. Swimming is fun.” With its low-chlorine water purification, his Endless Pool’s water doesn’t irritate his skin.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Biggest Loser’s Loss is a San Pedro Couple’s Gain; Racoons Snarl in Protest

TV shows don’t survive for 16 seasons without keeping it fresh. After shaking things up in Season 9 by installing a Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool® on the ranch, NBC’s hit reality show, The Biggest Loser, will challenge Season 17 contestants with another shake-up: the producers will have removed their reliable workout pool!

Originally installed in 2010, the 15’x14’ pool has helped dozens of contestants lose literally thousands of pounds. At the time, the show’s Sponsor Producer, David Norton, called the collaboration “a natural fit. Our trainers love using the Endless Pool as a complement to their training regimen."

Sam Poueu, a contestant on The Biggest Loser, Season 9, runs on the underwater treadmill of the ranch's Dual-Propulstion Endless Pool.
Sam Poueu was already showing excellent results during this run on the underwater treadmill of The Biggest Loser's Dual-Propulstion Endless Pool in Calabasas, CA. Thanks to workouts like this, the 24-year-old from Rohnert Park, CA, lost 136 pounds before being eliminated in week 16. After eight seasons, the show's producers decided last month to shake things up for next season, the 17th, by selling this pool. Fully modular, the Endless Pool can be easily dissembled and reassembled for its new owners, a couple in nearby San Pedro.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Before & After the Kukals Got an Endless Pool

“The greatest thing we’ve ever done” – that’s Joe Kukal’s assessment of the 15’ Endless Pool® Swim Spa that he and his wife, Pat, installed in their all-season patio room last January. To put that gushing praise into context, you need to understand a little about the Kukals’ recent past.

In 2000, Pat was disabled with back troubles. After that, as she bluntly puts it, “I got bad; I got fat.” Five years later, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Joe’s disability followed two years after that; he had asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He’d soon undergo two back surgeries and separate knee and neck surgeries, which would leave him on three different painkilling pharmaceuticals, three times a day.

“That,” as he now recalls, “was before the pool.”

Before the Pool
When you live in a small town in Pennsylvania’s northern Lehigh Valley, you expect long drives. And that’s what Pat faced, three times a week, to attend water aerobics classes to alleviate her conditions. “She had to travel half an hour to a pool – rain, snow, sleet, or hail,” Joe recalls. Of course, “had to” doesn’t mean she always did. “Up here,” Pat notes of 2014’s record snowfall, “you just don’t travel 20 miles in the winter.”

Regardless of distance, that pool wasn’t satisfactory for Joe. As Pat recalls, it was “too much chlorine, too cold, he couldn’t get into the pool, whatever.”

Joe and Pat Kukal's 15' Endless Pool Swim Spa, installed in their rural Pennsylvania greenhouse.
For Pat and Joe Kukal, installing this Endless Pool Swim Spa in their all-season patio room signaled the end of an era. She no longer had to drive 40 miles round trip for water aerobics. He began to turn his health around with regular swimming and hydrotherapy - no more oxygen to sleep, fewer painkillers, and 20 pounds lost! "We love it!" he says.

“I Feel Much Better”
Since installing their Endless Pool Swim Spa, “she doesn’t have to” travel, Joe notes gratefully. Pat now does at home “everything I was taught in class” plus standing swim strokes against the Endless Pools current.
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