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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Week in Swimming

Octopus, photographed by Gabriel Barathieu, Underwater Photographer of the Year
As a teaser to her upcoming "Waterbiography," writer Jenny Landreth explores the mental and physical benefits of cold-water swimming. (Telegraph)

The American Swimming Coaches Association's official Immigration Counsel discusses how new laws could impact foreign swimmers and swim coaches training in the U.S. (Swim Swam)

In this video interview, Missy Franklin talks about why she's now training with the men of Cal Berkeley (AOL)

Get inspired by this 85-year-old swimmer who, after surviving quintuple-bypass surgery, is still setting regional records in the pool. (The Star, with video)

The founder of advocacy group Black Kids Swim explores how stereotypes are encouraging some alarming drowning statistics. (Washington Post)

Last weekend, Katie Ledecky broke three records in under an hour. (NBC Sports)

A new $1.5-million Super League Triathlon Series kicks off next month with mixed-format short course events featuring Olympic medalists Alistair and Jonny Brownlee. (Slow Twitch)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Endless Pools Distributor Home Counties Wins 2 Awards

Congratulations to our friends at Home Counties Pools and Hot Tubs! They recently won two British Pool and Hot Tub Awards – one for a brilliantly practical Endless Pools® installation and another with a sizable cash prize that they generously donated.

"We are absolutely delighted with the two awards and proud of the dedicated team here at Home Counties who made it happen," said Craig Trusson, Home Counties' Managing Director. "The Wellness Pool award is shared with our friends at Endless Pools, whose valued contributions towards the pool's design and specifications were invaluable to us.

"The awards serve to acknowledge we are driven to provide the highest level of service possible at all times to our customers, without whom no such accolades would be possible."

1. The Gold Medal
In the category "Inground Residential Spas and Wellness," Home Counties took the Gold for this Endless Pool house.

The Endless Pools installation that won Gold at the 2017 British Pool & Spa Awards, Inground Residential Spas & Wellness category
This Endless Pools installation won a Gold Medal at the British Pool and Hot Tub Awards for our partners at Home Counties Pools & Hot Tubs. The pool's owner, Judy, swims every morning "to keep me active in spite of the arthritis in my feet. My son and daughter-in-law, who are both triathletes, also enjoy a good workout. The grandchildren are huge fans of the pool and have spent many a happy hour playing 'Mermaid School.'"

The pool owner, Judy T., praised Home Counties for their innovative design. "It is particularly nice in summer to be able to open the bi-fold doors and enjoy the garden as well as the pool," she notes. "In winter ... the heated floor, towel rail and wall heater keep the room warm, and condensation quickly disperses when I open the skylights after swimming."

2. Peter Geekie Award for Retail Excellence
Peter Geekie was a retail innovator (and much-loved character) of the UK pool and spa industry back in the 1970s. This prestigious award recognizes the entirety of the customer experience, from the retail showroom to the website to the retailer's customer service philosophy.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Week in Swimming

former pro triathlete Mitch Dean at the Bondi Beach Sunset Biathlon
USA Swimming released its first-ever Asian-American Cultural Inclusion Resource Guide.

Before next week's SEC Championships, check out this handy fan's guide to the men's races. (Swim Swam)

Illinois may become home to the world's deepest swimming pool to help disabled veterans with warm-water therapy. (Chicago Tribune, with video)

Check out the just-announced qualifying procedures for summer's major international swim meets, the FINA World Championships and the World University Games. (Swimming World)

Mutual of Omaha ended their 15-year USA Swimming sponsorship, putting the Duel in the Pool and the Olympic swimming trials in limbo. (Omaha World-Herald, with video)

IRONMAN triathletes voted for the 10 Best Swims and other categories in their Athlete's Choice Awards.

Get inspired by Brian Williams, who overcame a near-drowning at age 5 to become one of Detroit's top high school swimmers. (Detroit Free Press, with video)

Should this Hawaiian man be swimming near the lava zone, where the ocean comes into contact with 2,000-degree lava? (SFGate)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

PHOTOS: 5 Stunning Endless Pools

The versatile Endless Pools® swimming machine can look cozy or luxurious, organic or outstanding, as you can see from these stellar recent photographs!

Our signature current lets you swim in place outdoors, in spare rooms, or in new additions. In consultation with our experienced Design Representatives, these five homeowners have created beautiful, even surprising installations to promote fun, fitness, and property value. Take a look…

An in-ground Performanc Endless Pool in Knoxville, Tennessee
Enjoy a bit of Mediterranean glamour in this Knoxville, Tennessee, garden! Installed partially in-ground, this Performance Endless Pool has been customized with a 51" water depth. When not swimming, exercising, or just cooling off, the homeowners enjoy plenty of room for outdoor entertaining, as the compact design also functions as a illuminated water feature.

A partially in-ground Original Endless Pool in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Winters can be rough in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Fortunately, this Endless Pool offers year-round access to warm-water swimming and splashing. By customizing the water depth to 45", the owners get more buoyancy and less joint impact when training on their Underwater Treadmill. They smartly saved space in a room with a sloped ceiling by cornering their pool, thanks to the internal components' easy accessibility from a single side.

A lakeside Original Endless Pool in Seattle, Washington
The water's always warm outside in Seattle, Washington, thanks to this smartly placed Endless Pool! The silver strip at the top of the pool is the Automatic Retractable Security Cover; with the turn of a key, the owners can secure the pool from debris, children and critters, as well as heat loss and evaporation. Better still, splashing won't harm the nearby plants, thanks to our low-chlorine water quality system.

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Week in Swimming

Olympic swimmer Ippei Watanabe after breaking the men's 200m breaststroke record
After breaking the 200-meter breaststroke record this weekend, 19-year-old swimmer Ippei Watanabe credits his lower-body workouts. (Mainichi)

This profile of the social swim club, Swim Dem Crew, includes stroke tips and an interval workout. (Guardian)

Don't miss this loving ode to ocean swimming and Hawaii's swim culture as the writer revisits Kauai for the first time since her pregnancy with her son, now five. (NY Times)

CBS News' series on longevity kicks off, of course, with a swimmer – 75-year-old DeEtte Sauer with more than 50 National Senior Games medals.

Get inspired by this Olympic swimmer who's dedicated herself to helping others recover from childhood abuse. (News Deeply)

Swimming with sharks and cave diving are among the hobbies of some risk-taking CEOs. (Forbes)

A year-round swimmer lists 10 things she learned from ice-water swimming. (Guardian)

The USA Swimming Foundation announced 12 new recipient organizations for its 2016 Year-end Make a Splash Grants. (Swimming World)

A viral video shows "the world's bravest duck" out-swimming a tiger.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

5 Reasons this Ultrawoman Loves her Endless Pool

Ultraman triathlete Linda H. in her home Endless Pool
"You can swim until the day you die. You can't run until the day you die. Swimming is so easy on your body." That's the line of reasoning that Linda H.'s husband used to convince her to get an Endless Pool®.

That was in 2010, when she'd only been racing triathlons for a few years. She wasn't certain that she'd stick with multisport, but she's now glad they made the investment. "I really, really love the pool," she says from her Nevada home. "It's done more for me than I imagined."

From Running to Triathlon
"I started doing triathlon about 10 or 12 years ago," she recalls. "All my friends run. I was afraid it was going to tear my body up. I was already having joint pain. I started doing triathlon to get endurance without beating myself up" from the high-impact pounding of running, by incorporating low-impact cycling and swimming.

In 2010, she completed her first IRONMAN® triathlon, crossing the finish line in under 14-1/2 hours. "I've never been fast," she admits to explain why she focuses on endurance training.

That year, she was lucky enough to make it to the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, gaining entry with her first lottery. It was at the event's expo that she first tried the Endless Pool®.

Just a simple garage setting for a world-class training pool: that's all that Linda needs to do some serious Endless Pools training for the three-day, 320-mile Ultraman triathlon. "I really, really love the pool," she enthuses. "It's done more for me than I imagined!"

Tri Training at Home
"I was a terrible swimmer," Linda confesses. Initially, she couldn't even put her face under water. "I could not possibly have trained without my Endless Pool."

"I wanted to train up to four and a half hours" for Ultraman events, a series of three-day, 320-mile triathlons that kick off with a 10-km swim. "I don't know of any pool within any reasonable distance where I could swim long enough to see my time in a 10K," says Linda.

"Normally, I swam an hour at a time" in the public pool because that was the maximum allowed; once she had her Endless Pool installed, she could push her limits. "I started adding 5 minutes a week to a long swim."

5 Reasons to Swim at Home
1. Convenience: "I love it because I can go any darn time I want to! Right now, we have a foot to a foot and a half of snow outside, and I'd have to drive 15 miles to the nearest pool."

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